Forceps Simulation

A small project combining the methodologies to assess fetal head moulding and the augmented reality based surgical navigation resulted in this flawed but entertaining augmented reality forceps simulation (AVI, 5 MB).

The more scientifically justified (but less entertaining) part of this study, on the effect of the forceps on moulding can be found in a paper published in a satellite workshop of MICCAI 2004. Simulating obstetric delivery in an augmented environment (PDF, 1 MB) 

Snapshots of the change of shape of the fetal skull from applying obstetric forceps are shown below (left is undeformed; right is deformed). Note that deformations are magnified with a factor 4.

 Undeformed fetal skull   Deformed fetal skull after forceps application 


Research Team

Dr. Rudy Lapeer