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ClimateUEA tells our collective climate story during this critical time for our planet. Pioneers of climate research for nearly 50 years, we use our world-leading expertise to tackle the unprecedented environmental and social challenges caused by climate change.

Thinking Without Borders, we bring together a multidisciplinary team of experts from natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities to collaborate, innovate and discover.



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07 Jun 2021

Climate change increases extreme rainfall and the chance of floods

University of East Anglia climate experts warn that, without urgent action, climate change will continue to cause an increase in the intensity of extreme...

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Karen Heywood at the Antarctic
07 May 2021

Prof Karen Heywood honoured as Fellow of the Royal Society

UEA’s Prof Karen Heywood, Professor of Physical Oceanography in ENV, has been recognised for a lifetime of pioneering research into the physics of the ocean with...

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An image of Corinne Le Quéré
28 Apr 2021

Super Six Make Climate Change Hot List

Corinne Le Quere heads six UEA researchers who have been named on The Reuters Hot List of the most influential climate change scientists in the world.

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21 Apr 2021

Environmental Justice Project Funded for 3 Years

The Just-Scapes project has received €800,000 funding from SOLSTICE (JPI Climate), an EU funding stream. Just-Scapes is a three-year project exploring the...

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A diverse range of interdisciplinary research takes place across ClimateUEA. Read about some of the exciting projects we are working on below.

ClimateUEA PhD Studentships

We are generating a new cohort of 21st Century climate thought leaders with the agile and interdisciplinary skills needed to lead a paradigm shift in the response to climate change.

The Critical Decade for Climate Change Leverhulme Doctoral Scholars programme will train researchers to look at real-world data in near real-time to generate unique insights into why societies succeed or fail to respond to the threat of climate change.
This new generation of scholars will help build the foundations for a healthy planet and a fair society for the future.

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UEA has pioneered climate research for nearly 50 years. Our Climatic Research Unit and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research have both broken new ground in understanding the global climate system and its implications for society, and continue to do so. Read more about the global impact that UEA climate research has made in this field since 1972.


ClimateUEA Timeline


A history of climate
activities at UEA



In this critical climate decade for our planet, our world-leading climate experts collaborate and innovate to provide the vital research, solutions and insight needed to understand and minimise humankind’s impact on Earth’s climate and ecosystems.

Here, you can discover more about some of our pioneering climate change researchers and their latest projects, impact and ground-breaking work.


Collaboration is at the heart of ClimateUEA. Bringing together different expertise and perspectives, we work with our colleagues and partners as a multidisciplinary team to monitor the Earth’s climate and tackle the impact of climate change.

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