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About HealthUEA

HealthUEA brings together and combines UEA’s long-standing history of high-quality research in the broad areas of Health and Life Sciences. Our aim is to build an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to our research, whilst working together with a multidisciplinary team of researchers, the community and external partners to create critical mass and address global research challenges.

Through HealthUEA, our goal is to ensure the effective communication of UEA’s research, both internally and externally, whilst delivering events, supporting projects, building key partnerships and promoting the important and innovative work of our researchers and academics. We want to create an impact where it matters.

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Our Research

Through a diverse range of interdisciplinary projects, world-leading research takes place across HealthUEA.
Read about some of our unique research groups and centres below.

Our Impact

Health and life science research at UEA tackles major local and global research challenges, having an impact on policy and practice across the world.
Creating impact for people and the community, whilst shaping our understanding of health, is at the heart of HealthUEA’s research aims.

Our Partnerships and Community Work

Collaboration is key to our research at UEA. Working with multidisciplinary teams enables us to foster innovation and impact through partnerships and community work.

Our Conversation

Interested in learning about our research through the academic voice?

Read our expert opinions and analysis at The Conversation.

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