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We inspire and celebrate creativity in research and action.

Together we dismantle barriers between disciplines. We defy straight lines that link creativity with expression, and innovation with tech. Our creativity always connects.


Creative UEA

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The CreativeUEA programme brings together all our creative activities for the first time.

We celebrate and connect hundreds of UEA artists, scientists, writers, nurses, linguists, historians, social workers, educators, philosophers, economists...

Together we make new worlds.

We bring imaginative responses, exploratory insights and innovative solutions to the world’s challenges and questions.

Whether it’s collaborating with local partners on the latest in augmented reality or reinterpreting texts that have been overlooked for centuries, our community works together to shape new modes of expression, break boundaries and map out new pathways.



UEA created the UK’s first ever Masters course in Creative Writing.

Fifty years on, this legacy of leadership in creativity has come to define our research, our teaching and our way of thinking.

Since UEA was established, to ‘do different’ has been our guiding principle.

It remains central to our creative vision for UEA and its contribution to society.



Thinking Without Borders, we collaborate across every field and disrupt the way people see creativity by embracing:


Inspiring the imagination and sparking new ideas through curiosity, future-thinking and going beyond boundaries.


Exploring creativity as a concept, phenomenon and process.


Constantly innovating and inspiring new ways of thinking, doing and being.



We promote creativity in all its forms.

Read about our inspiring, interdisciplinary research and action.


Our creative expertise and practice span many fields.

Meet our visionary UEA scholars and practitioners.

Recent News


Together we inspire creativity across our campus, local community and the world.

Learn about how we collaborate to create exhibitions, put on plays, ignite imaginations and give global platforms to emerging creative talent.


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