We have teams of people dedicated to widening participation (WP) to higher education.

We work hard to ensure people from groups under-represented in higher education are given the same opportunities as others. We’re proud that the social complexion of our student body is much less skewed than many other top universities.

Widening participation is important across the whole student life-cycle. We start with our established outreach programme, and go on to support current students to enable them to succeed, make the most of student life and, importantly, achieve a good degree outcome and go on to appropriate employment or further study.

How we do we do it? We work really closely in collaboration with stakeholders, including but not limited to: schools and colleges, HE providers, local authorities, NHS trusts and other educational stakeholders across the eastern region. We’re super proud of our co-sponsor role at City Academy Norwich, supporting their students via intensive programmes.

Access and Participation plans relating to specific years of entry at UEA can be found below:

Students can click on their year of entry above to see the plan relevant to them. You can also see the 2024-25 fee summary table for the University as committed to in our plan by following the link below.

Download the 2024/25 fee summary table

UEA is committed to monitoring and adjusting our approach to widening access to participation to ensure we are making a positive impact. You can view our most recent Impact Report, agreed with the Office for Students, below. 

Access and Participation Plan
2019/20 Impact Report

UEA publish data on student admissions and outcomes data for different student groups – it’s called a transparency return and you can view it below.

Widening participation transparency return

To do all of those things, we use a lot of data. Read more about what data we need and how we handle it.

Got questions?

No problem. If you want to know anything else about our WP work just get in touch with us at: outreach@uea.ac.uk.

Contextual Admissions

Contextual admissions means that we use additional information to understand and recognise your potential to succeed at UEA. Using this insight, we could provide you with an offer with reduced entry requirements to study at UEA.

Contextual Admissions