For UEA, global success means engaging responsibly – through research and education – with communities and individuals worldwide to share and develop our respective talents, promote a common understanding, and create opportunities for reciprocity in learning and research. 

We engage in high-impact research and consultancy, which addresses the global challenges facing society, influences government policy, and improves the lives of communities worldwide.

We believe that a global outlook provides the foundation needed to excel as a provider of global education.  We foster a global outlook among students, staff and our wider community, building a strong foundation for globally connected research and education within a welcoming, inclusive, culturally diverse and sustainable environment.

We strive to reach out to all who can benefit from a UEA education, regardless of background.  And we provide the opportunities for students to develop the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global environment, both on campus and through our network of over 200 universities around the world.