At Norwich Research Park, there is a community founded on bringing some of the greatest minds together from across the world, working on solutions to the biggest challenges facing humankind.

The right facilities are essential for making things happen. And Norwich Research Park has some of the best in the world. It’s one of Europe’s largest collaborative research sites, and UEA sits at the very heart of it.

This unique park creates new opportunities for collaborative research. It brings together researchers from across the scientific, engineering, health, arts, social science and economic communities.

It also brings together the talents and expertise of Europe’s leading centres for research in food, health and the environment.

Our community

Norwich Research Park has a rich heritage of world-leading research undertaken by the organisations based here. These include: 

The Park is also home to over 150 science and technology companies.

This concentration of multidisciplinary expertise ensures the Norwich Research Park is well placed to carry out internationally influential research and make a unique contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the global challenges.

Norwich Research Park and the University of East Anglia provide a fast-growing research and enterprise community like no other and occupy a position at the forefront of global research excellence to change lives and rethink society.