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Episode four - Data

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day! Coming together from a variety of fields, we turn data into insight to save lives and change lives. We’re tackling complex problems and developing innovative solutions in all kinds of areas from inequality, dementia and climate change to personalised medicine and human rights.

Episode three - Guts

We bust a gut to tackle the issues that matter! #ThinkingWithoutBorders we collaborate, innovate and bring our expertise together to solve all kinds of mysteries. We’re making a real difference to people’s health and the health of the planet from future foods and microbes to antibiotics, gender equality, and poo transplants!

Episode two - Words

Words are powerful. They help define our world, they inform our thinking and help us shape our future. Words are exciting, exhilarating and revealing. What we say about ourselves, our society and our planet. Our stories highlight the power of language to bring people together, to challenge the status quo and to transform our society.

Episode one - Water

Our water stories show just how the UEA community comes together from a range of fields, and with different perspectives, to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. From microplastics in our oceans to water wars and social injustice; and from cutting edge research to the learning experiences we offer.