UEA Hydrate Group

The UEA Hydrate Group has undertaken a range of research projects aiming to support hydration care for older people living in care homes

The core group consists of:

Dr Lee Hooper –MED (https://people.uea.ac.uk/l_hooper)

Dr Diane Bunn –HSC (https://people.uea.ac.uk/d_bunn)

Dr Oluseyi (Florence) Jimoh – HSC/MED (doesn’t seem to have a web-page?)

In addition, we work collaboratively with other colleagues in MED & HSC as well as with local health professionals, care home staff and residents and we also have a PhD student working with us.

Our research has been funded by:

The National Institute of Health Research

The Dunhill Medical Trust

The UEA Impact Fund

Research Group Members