Richly served by the outstanding examples of medieval art and architecture in the city of Norwich, including the majestic cathedral, the department maintains a longstanding specialism in the medieval period.

Collaborating with colleagues in other departments, Prof. Sandy Heslop and Dr. Helen Lunnon are currently engaged on a major research project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. This explores the Medieval Churches of Norwich, which will provide a comprehensive study of every one of the 58 churches that have stood within the medieval walls of Norwich, revealing the interdependent relationship between city, community, and architecture, by which people and places have shaped each other since the early Middle Ages.

The research of both Dr. Jessica Barker and Dr. Jack Hartnell focuses upon medieval art, architecture, and visual culture across a wider geographical terrain. Dr. Barker’s research focuses upon medieval sculpture, with a particular focus upon tomb sculpture, while Dr. Hartnell’s work explores the visual culture of medicine during the period, amongst other things.