School of Education and Lifelong Learning

Our School is driven by research and scholarship. We are home to the UNESCO Chair in Adult Literacy and Learning for Social Transformation.

We are known for our work in pedagogy, curriculum and professional learning, both in schools and higher education. We research the impact of physical education, as well as lifelong learning cultures in contexts including families, pre-school learning, and gaming. 

We offer undergraduate courses in Education and in Physical Education, Sport and Health. At postgraduate level we have a range of specialist full-time and part-time Master's courses, including Leadership and Management in Education; Learning, Pedagogy and Assessment; TESOL, and Second Language Learning and Mathematics Education. We also offer a part-time and full-time MRes in Social Science Research Methods.

Our teacher education courses prepare postgraduates for work in primary and secondary schools, and are highly-rated by Ofsted. Students spend significant time in schools, working in partnership with mentors and subject specialists.

We also have a thriving doctoral community, with PhD students from across the world.





School of Education and Lifelong Learning