Geohazards Group

At UEA, the GeoHazards group brings together researchers working on a wide range of geophysical hazards such as volcanism, earthquakes, landslides, coastal collapse, and floods.

We research all aspects of hazards, from the source mechanisms, through evolving and cascading hazards, to risk, preparedness, management, response and recovery. Therefore, our group has a focus on multi- and cross-disciplinary research, and incorporates subjects such as geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geomorphology, social science.

Our research takes us around the world to places such as Hawaii, Central and South America, Nepal, Australia, to name a few. We also investigate hazards closer to home in Norfolk. We use state-of-the-art and emerging technology both in the field and in the lab to collect, process and analyse data.​

The GeoHazards@UEA group significantly contributes to teaching in the School of Environmental Sciences with our flagship Geophysical Hazards module, and other research-led modules.​

School of Environmental Sciences