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Applying as an international student?

Find out more about country-specific qualifications needed to apply for courses at UEA.

Apply for a postgraduate Master's taught course

All candidates for Master's graduate study are normally expected to have a British honours degree or equivalent, but it's worth checking out if your course has more precise requirements and conditions for entry.

These are specified by individual Schools, or you can find them listed under the 'requirements' section of each course profile. International candidates whose first language is not English are required to provide evidence of a good command of English as part of their application.

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We recommended that you submit your application for September 2020 entry by 31 July 2020. After this date, we cannot guarantee that places will still be available. Some Postgraduate Taught courses have an alternative start date, so please contact our admissions team for specific information regarding their deadlines.

For January or February 2021 start options you will need to obtain an offer and pay your deposit (for international students) by 27 November 2020 to guarantee a place on your chosen course. Find out more about International Fees and Scholarships.

Apply for a Postgraduate Research Degree

For a full database of PhD studentships, Professional Doctorates and other research degrees see our course finder. For research themes and advice on writing proposals, see our Postgraduate Research pages. Great advice on all postgraduate research matters is available by emailing the Postgraduate Research Service or by calling +44 (0)1603 591709.

We also recommend looking at the relevant School of Study to search for supervisors in your area of interest before you apply.

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General Admissions Information

Admissions policy


Take a moment to read our UEA Admissions policy information:

Postgraduate Taught Master's policy

Postgraduate Research policy


Before you apply


Carefully read the details of your chosen course and make sure that you meet its specific entry requirements. You can easily access this information using our course search

All students must also meet UEA’s general entry requirementsso they’re worth a look too.

Please be aware that Chinese applicants using email servers 126.com, sina.cn and qq.com may have difficulty receiving messages from the University of East Anglia. If you use one of these email providers and believe you should have received a decision please contact: admissions@uea.ac.uk

Apply by post


If you prefer to submit a postal application please contact  admissions@uea.ac.uk or call +44(0) 1603 591515 for all Postgraduate Taught courses. 

If you are a Postgraduate Research applicant, please contact  pgr.enquiries.admiss@uea.ac.uk or call +44(0) 1603 591709.

Requesting feedback


If this situation arises, we completely understand that you may want to know why your application wasn’t successful at UEA. You can apply to receive feedback by writing to us within three months of the date you received notification that your application was unsuccessful. Our Admissions Office will then provide personal feedback, in writing, normally within 15 working days of receiving your request, unless they notify you otherwise.

For more detail on this process, explore our Feedback Policy 


Appealing decisions


Appealing decisions is well within your power, so long as your application has not been rejected on academic grounds. You can request a formal review in writing of the final decision made on an application. To do this, you need to email the Admissions Office (admissions@uea.ac.uk) and detail the reason(s) why you are making an appeal.

The Admissions Office will then conduct a thorough review. They will ensure that all information within your application is taken into account: ensuring zero misinterpretations and 100% correct procedures. This takes 10 working days, after which you’ll hear whether the appeal has been upheld, or rejected.

For more information, please see our  appeal and complaints policy 


Cancelling applications


You can cancel your application with us at any point in the process. To do so, please inform the University Admissions Office by emailing admissions@uea.ac.uk  with the following details:

  • Name

  • Application ID Number

  • Programme applied to

If you are an international applicant and have paid your deposit, our refund policy is available here.