Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences



The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences delivers world class research. We also remain one of the best in the country for innovative teaching and research excellence in health.

Our students and staff share a common vision and sense of purpose: to work and study efficiently in the ceaseless challenge to improve healthcare. A supportive culture, superb facilities, and a close relationship with the NHS and other research partners make our faculty a great place to realise this vision.

Problem-based learning (PBL)

Teaching at the school has a strong focus on problem-based learning (PBL), with patient contact from the very outset of our courses. Sound scientific knowledge and inter-professional learning are fundamental across both of our schools.

We are also proud to be a partner of the Norwich Research Park, one of Europe’s leading centres for food and health research and home to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. It is a thriving community of over 40 businesses and 3,000 scientists, researchers and clinicians - many of them talented graduates from the University of East Anglia.

Careers and employability

Employability in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences supports students to know who they are, what they can offer the workplace, what the workplace can offer them, and what they want to contribute to the workplace and wider society – enabling them to explore jobs that are meaningful to them at an individual level.

We prioritise employability in our Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Nearly all of our graduates find graduate level jobs or pursue further study within 15 months after completing their course. Our approach to employability is that it is a lifelong and life wide journey, starting from day one at UEA. Employability is not just about getting a job at the end of the course; we foster the development of employability skills and attributes in an authentic way throughout students' studies, encouraging them to secure a job that aligns with their individual needs and aspirations.

We offer various employability opportunities within our School of Health Sciences and Norwich Medical School, including curriculum-based and event-based initiatives, supporting student’s individual employability learning and journey throughout their studies. Our dedicated Associate Dean for Employability leads employability projects and stays actively involved in initiatives within the faculty, facilitating a responsive and future focussed employability strategy for the faculty, to best prepare our graduates for an ever-changing workplace landscape.

This strategic direction is achieved by the Associate Dean for Employability being actively involved in national employability activities and events. They are a member of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Executive Team and the UEA Employability and Student Opportunity Executive Team, aligning employability direction at various levels to benefit individual students. Additionally, the School of Health Sciences and The Norwich Medical School each have a dedicated Employability Director who collaborates with the Associate Dean, teaching colleagues, and UEA careers advisors.

We have a fantastic working relationship with our UEA Careers Central who provide a range of online, resource and face-to-face information and support, and also contribute to the course curriculum provision. We also collaborate with employers for placement opportunities and curriculum input to enhance personal and professional development. We encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities and engage with the wide range of University societies and beyond to further develop crucial employability skills and expand their professional networks. We have very active profession-based student societies across the faculty, offering great opportunities for professional development and networking.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences employability team work together with colleagues from learning and teaching and careers to: