IT Services

Our IT services ensure a customer-focused approach to deliver a wide range of IT and communication services that you need to study, work, and undertake research wherever you are.

Computers and laptops

Whether you want to work on your assignment, catch up on your email, or just want to do some general studying, we have over 700 computers across our well-resourced IT labs and Library to help you.

Office 365 is installed on all our student access computers, and we work with our lecturers to ensure the right specialist software is available for your studies.


Your UEA IT Account

You are provided with an IT account so that you are able to access applications and UEA services. In order to access your account, you will need to set up an additional layer of security in addition to your password. Multi factor authentication (MFA) allows us to all to protect our accounts against cyber-attacks, keeps our personal data and that of the University safe. When you first log into your account you will be asked to set up MFA. This is similar to how you may access your online banking, shopping and streaming services. The UEA recommended method is to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, which is available in the App store for Apple users and Google Play for Android users.

Once you have set up your method of authentication as either the authenticator app or SMS, you will be able to unlock your account and reset your password if you have forgotten it, by clicking on the 'Forgotten my password' link and following the steps. Please note that if you have chosen to use a hardware token as your only method of authentication, you will not be able to use the self service password reset/unlock function.


Wireless Access

We have over 6,000 wireless access points to keep you connected across the entire campus.

Visitors to the campus, can register to use our free public wireless service, The Cloud. Current students and members of staff, with an activated IT account, can sign in and connect to our eduroam wireless service. While visiting academic staff and students can access our eduroam wireless service with their home institution login details.


Access your files from anywhere in the world

UEA offers a blended approach to learning and teaching, and our digital services will help you to study and work anywhere. These include:

  • Student Remote Desktop service – When off-campus, you can access a University computer using our Student Remote Desktop service from your personal computer.

  • Blackboard – Our virtual learning environment where you will access your course materials, submit your assignments, and attend online lectures.

  • Free download of Microsoft 365 suite – free to install on up to five personal devices.

  • Specialist software - Available to download on personal devices, includes EndNote, Matlab, Minitab, NVivo, Stata and SPSS.


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