Information for visitors

Getting Connected

Our data network (both wired and wireless) provides resilient, fast connections across offices, student residences and teaching spaces. The network links to our on-site data centre services, Cloud services (e.g. Office 365), as well as the wider Internet. We aim to have the campus network available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – except when we do planned maintenance that we advertise in advance.

Note that by connecting your device to the university network you agree to abide by the UEA Conditions of Computer Use policy.

Our membership of the global eduroam federation means that your Wi-Fi login will not only work on campus, but at thousands of locations around the world.

Connecting to wireless network on campus

There are two ways visitors can connect a personal device to the UEA wireless network:

  • Via the UEA Wireless Network called eduroam
  • Via the Visitor Wireless Network called The Cloud



The main wireless network at the UEA is called eduroam (education roaming) a secure, world-wide wireless service used by the international research and education community.

eduroam allows students, researchers and staff, from participating institutions, to obtain wireless connectivity across our campus and will work when visiting other participating institutions. For eduroam to work at other institutions you need to have set it up on your device at your home institution first.

We can help you set this up on your devices when you arrive on campus.

Examples of devices that can be connected to eduroam include:

  • Windows laptops
  • Apple Mac laptops, iPads and iPhones
  • Android devices with Play Store access


Requirements to connect to eduroam

  • UEA Username and Password (which will be provided by your conference manager or UEA contact) OR home institution eduroam login credentials
  • Wireless Card / Device
  • The latest operating system critical patches and updates applied to that device
  • An up to date anti-virus software 

IMPORTANT: It is a condition of our Terms and Conditions that your device has anti-virus software installed before it can be connected to our network. The IT Service Desk, located in Meadow Building, does not provide support for either installation or operational problems encountered with any Anti-Virus software or operating system security patches. Please consult with either your home institution's IT support, or your relevant supplier/manufacturer for assistance.


Visitor support for eduroam at UEA

If you are not a member of UEA your first point of contact for support of the eduroam service is your home institutions' IT support service.


Coverage at UEA

eduroam is available at UEA in all university academic and residential buildings. It is increasingly covering more areas such as the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the Norwich Research Park both located next to the main UEA campus.

Main eduroam website

The main eduroam website contains further information, including other international locations where you can use your eduroam credentials.


Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use

All eduroam sites have signed a uniform Acceptable Use Policy which applies even when using the service at your home institution. Each organisation within eduroam is likely to have their own Conditions of Use which must also be complied with. 

Note that by connecting your device to the university network you agree to abide by the UEA Conditions of Computer Use policy.


Wireless Visitor Network (The Cloud)

Visitors can make use of 'The Cloud' Wi-Fi by signing up for an account. This is the same type of service that you see in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres and you do not need a UEA username and account to access it.

  • Connect to 'The Cloud' in your Wi-Fi settings
  • Open your browser - instructions will appear to help you setup an account or login if you are already registered.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Note that The Cloud is not a UEA service. Users of the service are subject to Sky’s own terms and conditions and not the University Conditions of Computer Use. We recommend that potential users review The Cloud’s Privacy Notice, which explains how Sky will use your personal information while you use the service. Acceptance of these policies is a condition of registration and users should note their right to opt out of marketing communications from Sky and/or its affiliates.

IT Accounts for Visitors

Visitors to the University may wish to apply for a campus card and/or an IT account. A campus card is required for the physical access to certain buildings and for use of Library facilities. Please choose which category applies to you from the options below to find out how to apply.

In order to access IT services at UEA, you will need to set up an additional layer of security in addition to your password. Multi factor authentication (MFA) allows us to all to protect our accounts against cyber-attacks, keeping our personal data and that of the University safe. This is similar to how you may access your online banking, shopping and streaming services.

If you are prompted when accessing our IT services, we recommend that you use the Microsoft Authenticator app, which is available in the App store for Apple users and Google Play for Android users. If you are unable to use the app, you can opt to have a code sent to your phone as a text message.

Visitor accounts are available for visitors, academics and lecturers who require access for less than 28 days – these accounts can be requested from the IT Service Desk via your School Manager or department Authorised Signatory.

Obtain a signature from your authorising UEA sponsor (usually Head of Department) before submitting a V1 application form to the IT Service Desk. 

You can download the V1 application form.

If you work for one of the UEA’s partner organisations (UEASU, INTO or the Medical Centre) you can apply for up to 3 years access at a time. You will need to complete a slightly different form, and then pass it to your HR representative at your organisation for sign-off. 

You can download the V1 Partner form.

If you are providing examiner support, and require access to the UEA’s VLE environment you can apply for an account that will grant you access to Blackboard. Download the External Examiners form and then pass to your Authorised signatory in the Learning and Teaching Service. 

You can download the V1 External Examiners form.

Use for individuals associated with or completing work for UEA departments or on campus. Obtain a signature from your authorising UEA sponsor (usually Head of Department of the area that you require access to) before submitting one of the following:

Further information is outlined in the V4/V5 policy document.