3D Medical Image Visualisation - 3DView

The 3DView software was born under the EPSRC funded CASSPAR project, led by Dr. Rudy Lapeer, and in collaboration with Dr. Roger Rowland of RMR Systems Ltd. 3DView is a PC-based volume rendering application which uses 2D or 3D textures to render volumetric data, for example from CT or MR scans.

3D View Features

The 3DView application runs on a Windows platform and was developed using Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC. For DICOM import, we use a VC7 port of the OFFIS DCMTK Yoolkit. The graphics are produced using OpenGL. 3DView will run on most modern hardware but is optimised for higher-spec graphics cards (NVidia GeForce 3 and above or ATI Radeon 9000 and above).

Features include:

  • Alpha blended display of volumetric data using 2D or 3D textures
  • Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP)
  • Multi-Planar Reformatting (MPR)
  • Up to six fixed-orientation moveable cut planes
  • Interactive fly-through
  • Stereoscopic display using anaglyph or dual viewport methods
  • Interactive transfer function modification
  • Iso-surface mesh generation
  • 3D Watershed segmentation
  • Raw data and DICOM data import options

If you wish to evaluate 3DView, you can download the executable and documentation (zip 9 MB) here. Please read the copyright and license carefully. Use of 3DView implies your understanding and acceptance of these conditions. The download is free for both academic and commercial users and is not time limited.

If you just want to view the 3DView documentation (pdf 2 MB) you can download this here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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