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Today's world needs people who can think critically, communicate clearly, act creatively and listen carefully.

We welcome you to an environment that champions the public value of our subjects and gives all our people the freedom to take new opportunities that lead to new perspectives and world-leading, award-winning research.

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Do different

We are a place for the curious. 'Doing Different' in Arts and Humanities, we have a distinctive ethos of interdisciplinarity, collaboration, ambition and inclusivity. We seek insights from the sciences and social sciences and partnerships with a wide range of local, regional, national and international organisations.

Through challenge-led project work and high quality teaching and learning, we make opportunities for groundbreaking exploration with specific thematic interests in global perspectives, health humanities, gender and identity, creative and cultural industries and heritage; and Global Social Justice and Responsibility.

We are a place for the courageous and the compassionate. Social justice cuts through all the work we do. Tomorrow's careers may mean forging paths that do not yet exist and doing so with humanity and sensitivity. We offer opportunities to experience work, study and travel, and produce and lead your own projects. We give all our students the confidence to shape their own futures and make their own mark on the world, working in partnership with our staff community.

We’re a place for collaboration, creativity and new ways of thinking.

We are a place for you.

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