Accommodation for International Students


International students are usually guaranteed accommodation unless they have studied with us before. Undergraduate students can stay in university accommodation for the first year of their course and can apply to the accommodation office for subsequent years. Postgraduates can also stay in university accommodation for the first year of their course (the typical length of most Masters courses). Read more about accommodation at UEA.

The campus was designed so that everything you need for living and studying is no more than a few minutes away. The UEA campus is a mini city and home to a unique, multi-cultural community that enjoys and contributes to a lively social and cultural scene. We stage live music events, club nights, film screenings and much, much more.


What accommodation options are there?


On campus

En suite options

  • On campus and in the university village.
  • Single rooms with an en suite bathroom with a wardrobe, desk, and chair.
  • 6 – 12 students in each flat, with a shared kitchen.
  • Cost per week: £152 - £163 (depending on which one you choose). 

Standard single options

  • Ziggurats, Orwell House.
  • Single rooms with a wardrobe, desk, and chair.
  • Shared bathrooms – usually, 2 showers and 3 toilets pet flat. Each flat has around 9-12 people.
  • Shared kitchen per flat.
  • Cost per week : £114.

Two-bedroom houses / flats

  • On campus and in the university village.
  • Rented out to 2 students, usually of the same gender.
  • Great option to share with a friend or if you would like single sex accommodation.
  • Single bedroom with wardrobe, desk, and chair.
  • Shared bathroom & kitchen between 2 people.
  • Cost per week: £154 – 163 (depending on location and room size.)

Family housing

  • Suitable for families with only one or two small children.
  • Please contact for more information.

Two-bedroom unit

  • On campus (Constable Terrace or Nelson Court)
  • Single bedroom with desk, wardrobe, and chair.
  • Shared kitchen and bathroom between two people.
  • Price per week: £124 (per person).

Twin shared

  • Can be Ensuite or standard.
  • Bunk beds in room with wardrobe, two desks and two chairs.

In city centre

Home stay

  • Extra security of living with a family, couple, or single person in the local area who the university have endorsed.
  • You will be matched with a suitable host based on your requirements and preferences.
  • You can get a self-catered option:
    • £122/£143 per week
    • Can be shared or en suite.
    • Includes access to kitchen to prepare meals at times agreed by the host.
  • Half Board option:
    • £164/£185
    • Includes self-serve breakfast and dinner 7 days a week and lunch at weekends.

Pablo Fanque house.

  • Studio flats
    • En suite bathroom.
    • Kitchenette.
    • Double bedroom.
    • Living room.
    • £185-£188 per week.
  • Single En Suite
    • Single room.
    • Shared kitchen.
    • £166 per week.

How do I pay for my room?


The cost of accommodation depends on the type you select.

You pay your accommodation fee combined with your tuition fee for the first year, and you do so after you have started your course. Fees are payable in full, or in three instalments or by eight monthly direct debits, unless you are here for one semester (This can be arranged by speaking to the finance office on campus or emailing them once you have started your course). There is no damage deposit to pay and payment of accommodation fees is not required in advance. 

Is my accommodation on campus guaranteed?


Accommodation at UEA is guaranteed for the first year of study. It is not based on a first come first serve basis, so as long as you get your accommodation application in before the deadline, you have a room guaranteed (if you are in your first year of UG study).

For post graduate students – accommodation is also guaranteed, even if a big part of your degree has fieldwork elsewhere. There are separate buildings especially designated to post graduate housing, such as Chrome Court.

There is always the option of not staying in university accommodation and renting a house/flat outside of the university campus. For more information about this, please contact the UEA housing service

Will I get accommodation for all years of study?


Accommodation is only guaranteed for your first year of study, or as a postgraduate on a one year course. Most students move out and rent a house with their friends once their first year of study has finished.

If you are not guaranteed accommodation but would like to be considered, you should still apply for a room. Whilst guaranteed students will be prioritised, any remaining rooms will be applied to non-guaranteed students.

What do I need to bring with me?


UEA Alumnus have started a social enterprise – Kipple, which makes returnable kits for students coming to university. Additionally, many other websites create uni-kits for students as a one stop order for all things needed. Stores in town also run student days where essential things are on offer – duvets, pillows, bedding, lamps, basic kitchen goods, cutlery, etc!