School of Chemistry

UEA's School of Chemistry was established over 50 years ago and is passionate about providing a modern and innovative learning experience.

We combine modern tools and technologies with the latest thinking and research to create a programme that is at the forefront of chemistry education.

While chemistry is the foundation of our work, we are a cross-disciplinary school that explores how it intersects with other areas, from biology to physics and analytical science. Students benefit from flexible courses they can tailor to their interests, and gain skills and experiences that prepare them for future careers. These can include overseas study in locations such as North America, or placements in industry.

Our tight-knit community gives students the opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and features notable expertise in organic synthesis, catalysis, biological chemistry and chemical physics.

We are also part of the Norwich Research Park, a hub of innovative and trail-blazing companies and organisations. Our new state-of-the-art teaching labs, world class research and dedicated faculty combine to provide an ideal study environment.




School of Chemistry

The project team- Dr Masita, Dr Sue, Dr Roslynn and Prof. Stephen
01 Feb 2023

Bringing STEM to Brunei

UEA academics Professor Stephen Ashworth (CHE) and Dr Susan Matthews (PHA) have just completed a whirlwind of activities in Brunei Darussalam as part of their...

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cyanonaphthalene molecules
01 Feb 2023

How do small PAH molecules survive in space?

One of the questions that has baffled astronomers and chemists for several decades is the structure and lifecycle of the molecules out there.

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An LED light being used for cancer treatment on a man's leg.
16 Feb 2023

UEA scientists make breakthrough for ‘next generation’ cancer treatment

Scientists at the University of East Anglia are a step closer to creating a new generation of light-activated cancer treatments.

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Andy Cammidge
24 Jan 2023

New research grant will investigate novel organic materials

Prof Andy Cammidge (CHE) and colleagues have been awarded £800k from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to investigate the synthesis of new...

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