At UEA, physics is truly interdisciplinary, exploring how the subject blends with fields such as chemistry, computing, mathematics, and geography.

We are active in fields as diverse as quantum physics, geophysics, chemical physics and fluid dynamics. Our theoretical and applied research investigates topics such as the structure of molecules, ultrafast lasers, and the movements of ocean waves.  Our courses bring together expertise from across the Faculty of Science to deliver exciting, diverse and cutting-edge teaching, backed by pioneering research. 



exploring the earths subsurface-magma and crust

Exploring the Earth's Subsurface

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Physics Academic staff in School of Chemistry

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A computer generated graphic showing a double pulsar
13 Dec 2021

Challenging Einstein’s greatest theory with extreme stars

UEA researchers have helped conduct a 16-year long experiment to challenge Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

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16 Sep 2021

Times Higher Education table puts UEA in the world’s top 100 for Life Sciences

The University of East Anglia (UEA) has maintained its place as a world top 100 university for Life Sciences degrees in the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE)...

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12 Aug 2021

Award success for Physics Professor

Dr Magnus Borgh, has won an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) New Investigator Award.

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neutron stars
08 Jul 2020

How colliding neutron stars could shed light on Universal mysteries

An important breakthrough in how we can understand dead star collisions and the expansion of the Universe has been made by an international team, led by the...

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