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Physics welcomes all enquiries from prospective students interested in joining our vibrant and dynamic community.

You can find out about our courses, open days and much more on the UEA Study page.

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If you have any questions, you can ask them via live chat or email on the UEA enquiries page. 

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To get key contact information for staff and facilities across the university, see our contact information and map page. 

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Contacts in Physics at UEA

Head of Physics

Prof. Stephen Ashworth -


Key directors

Deputy Head of Physics - Dr Martin Loftus (

Director of Learning and Teaching - Dr Magnus Borgh (

Director of Research - Prof Julea Butt (

Director of Postgraduate Research - Dr Amit Sachdeva (

Director of Admissions - Dr Samuel Lander (


Outreach Officer

Dr Tameryn Stringer -



Academic staff in Physics at UEA


Academic Staff in Physics