The UK government has launched several important funding streams to support Official Development Assistance (ODA)-compliant research projects, such as the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the Newton Fund.

These form part of the UK’s commitment to allocate 0.7% of Gross National Income to ODA activity.

In line with this commitment, as well as the government’s strategic focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, UEA has enriched its international research activity in recent years.

Our researchers are contributing to an ever-expanding portfolio of interdisciplinary projects supported by GCRF and the Newton Fund to promote the development and welfare of countries included in the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list (low- and middle-income countries).

The ODA compliance of UEA’s international research activity is closely monitored and, where appropriate, managed by the UEA’s International Research Office.

You can explore the work that UEA researchers are carrying out towards the Sustainable Development Goals, at this interactive infographic webpage produced by Aurora Universities Network

UEA's SDG Research: Interactive Infographic Tool

Research for sustainable development at UEA

Research for sustainable development at UEA, displaying data about UEA’s GCRF funded research and activity relating to the Sustainable Development Goals. Information correct at 1 March 2020

Map of UEA international research collaborations involving ODA-recipient countries


Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) - UEA. We support the sustainable development goals.