What is sustainability at UEA?

At UEA, we are now working to create a university that will be even better in the future. Our Sustainable Ways vision is one of a resilient university – where consumption is efficient and self-generated energy supports low carbon goals, supported by a vibrant community of world-leading researchers and inspired graduates.

At a basic level, our sustainable development means that we try to balance the ‘three pillars’ of environmental, economic and social elements.

We challenge our environmental impact through on-site energy generation and a district heating and cooling network, reducing our reliance on grid electricity and therefore fossil fuels. We promote and use recycled and ‘eco’ products such as biological cleaning materials. We champion local suppliers and ethical causes, including Fairtrade and vegan products. We seek to ensure value for money in a holistic, whole-life costing sense in our new buildings and procurement contracts.

OUR initiatives

The Green Impact programme sees teams from across our campus challenge their School or Department to improve its sustainable credentials. An online toolkit guides teams through a range of actions to an end of year celebration of achievements and the resulting awards. Central campaigns, such as holiday shut-downs or awareness day events, support a whole-University approach to energy saving and other initiatives.

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