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The School of Biological Sciences is home to exceptional research and dynamic collaboration.

We're a school of diverse students, driven researchers, curiosity, and novel discoveries. Our interests span the biological sciences, from biochemistry to microbiology, cell biology, biomedicine, evolutionary biology, ecology, conservation and plant biology.

Our flexible courses encourage students to pursue their interests and discover new ones. Our focus on skills development for their future inspires them to excel at teamwork, data analysis and communication as well as research and learning. We're embedded in the Norwich Research Park, which boasts one of the largest concentrations of life scientists in the country. Our researchers excel in their fields, and in the creation of wider impact for their work. We're a community generating exciting breakthroughs and pioneering applications.



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School of Biological Sciences

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A bee.
13 Oct 2022

Bees active in woodland tree-tops, research shows

Wild bees may be just as happy visiting the high canopy of woodlands as they are among the flowers at ground level, according to new research from UEA.

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Microscope view of the monkeypox virus.
23 Sep 2022

Monkeypox outbreak highlights need for One Health approach to prevent future zoonotic diseases

The outbreak of monkeypox is a warning for the adoption of a preventative, One Health, approach, accoding to research from UEA.

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Cryptosporidium parvum under the microscope
30 Jun 2022

How globalisation could be making human parasites more virulent

Parasites that cause severe diarrhoea are likely to become more virulent because of the speed at which they are exchanging their DNA and evolving – according to...

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A Turtle Dove on a branch
25 Jun 2022

Built infrastructure, hunting and climate change linked to huge migratory bird declines

Migratory birds are declining globally because of the way that humans have modified the landscape over recent decades, UEA research shows.

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