Mature Students

Are you considering returning to education?

We welcome students from all ages and backgrounds and want to help you get into studying something you’re passionate about.

No matter where you are in your journey, let us help guide you to reach the next stage in your life’s goals.

What is a mature student?

Usually students over the age of 21 that join university at undergraduate level. According to our data*, this makes up around 16% of our student body.

*based on registration data gathered by our university market insight team

Is university for me?

Many people often ask, ‘is university for someone like me?’, and the answer is yes! It absolutely is.

What’s more, around 30% of our student population commute to university, and a further 30% have parenting or caring responsibilities. We don’t like to brag, but our data also suggests that mature students typically perform very well and are popular members of our community, excelling in the classroom, at placements and on assessments.

If you’re not sure what student life could look like, why not hear it directly from a current student? Lou O’Connell is a recent mature student studying Mental Health Nursing at UEA.



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You can also speak to other current students and academics from courses you’re interested, and other members of staff including our Mature Student Officer Gemma on Unibuddy.


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