If you are aged 19 or older and are seeking further help with applying to university, or where to start in figuring out where to go with your education, we can help. We offer a comprehensive range of help for students and welcome your questions. Whether you are considering study at UEA or another institution, we want to help equip you with the knowledge and skills to best prepare for your exciting journey into the world of Higher Education.

Webinar series

Over the coming months, we will be presenting a range of online presentations to help you with the next stages of getting into Higher Education. Please see the webinar schedule below.

All sessions will be recorded, please email maturestudents@uea.ac.uk to request a copy

If you have any questions, please contact us at maturestudents@uea.ac.uk



Student finance and what happens next

Thu 30 Apr (10.00 – 11.00), Wed 13 May (18.00 – 19.00), Mon 8 Jun (17.00 – 18.00).

This talk is great for those who would like to find out more about student finance and what to expect from the months before starting university.

Student life +


Fri 1 May (16.00 – 17.00), Fri 15 May (18.00 – 19.00), Mon 15 Jun (11.00 – 12.00), Fri 17 July (19.00 – 20.00), Wed 19 Aug (14.00 – 15.00).

Many people are not sure what to expect from university before they start. Find out from a current student how they found their feet when they started at university.

Academic writing and study skills for university


Wed 1 Jul (14.00 – 15.00), Wed 5 Aug (16.00 – 17.00).

UEA’s Learning Enhancement Team, who support current students with their learning, will be delivering this talk. This session would be great for anyone who is looking to find out more about getting the most out of academia.

Maths and stats at university


Fri 3 Jul (15.00 – 16.00), Fri 7 Aug (16.00 – 17.00).

Maths and stats can be prevalent in many courses and can be a concern for many students. UEA’s Learning Enhancement Team will be delivering a session to help you and detail what to do if you are stuck during your studies.

Future you


Mon 13 Jul (18.00 – 19.30), Sat 8 Aug (15.00 – 16.30) Wed 9 Sep (20.00 – 21.30).

This interactive session is for students feeling undecided about whether university is the right path for them. We will discuss potential barriers students may face, and what help is available to support those at risk of losing momentum.

All about university Q&A


Fri 31 Jul (14.00 – 15.00)

Join into our virtual Q&A where you will be able to submit questions about university and what to expect when you get there.

What support is available at UEA for mature learners?


Wed 12 Aug (14.00 – 15.00), Wed 26 Aug (15.00 – 16.00)

Student Services provide a comprehensive approach to helping students in many ways. This session will run through the various support mechanisms offered by Student Services to help students get the most out of their studies.