We use analytical and numerical tools to solve challenging problems that involve flowing fluids and/or and solid body deformations.

Work in the group is wide in scope. We work on fundamental research as well as on applied problems of interest to industry and the wider sciences. Our strengths include fluid-structure interaction, industrial mathematics and mathematical biology.

Fluid-Structure Interaction

We study many different problems that involve some interaction between a fluid motion and a solid structure. This includes, for example, violent wave impacts on coastal defense structures, and the interaction of water waves with sea ice. Our work on droplet impact onto elastic surfaces or porous surfaces has applications in the aerospace industry. We are a world leader in wave interaction with offshore structures, ship slamming, and sloshing in liquid natural gas tanks.

Industrial mathematics

Our work in this area includes boundary-layer transition and low-order modelling for the design of fuel-efficient aircraft, landmine detection by radar, and aircraft wing icing. We also work on sonic booms, multilayer coating flows, and detonation in reactive materials.

Mathematical Biology

We work in close collaboration with partners on the Norwich Research Park, including the Quadram Institute (a research centre for food and health) and the John Innes Centre for plant science, genetics and microbiology. Our research in this area includes modelling digestion in the gut, self-excited oscillations in blood vessels, mechanisms of spore release in fungi, and wound signalling in plants.