Wittgenstein Group

International Centre of Wittgenstein Research

With one of the highest concentrations of Wittgenstein scholars in the world, we are an international centre of Wittgenstein research and maintain an impressive reputation in this field.

Our research focuses on a number of aspects of Wittgensteinian philosophy, addressed from different exegetical and philosophical perspectives, including:

  • Wittgenstein's work, early and late, his conception of philosophy and its methods
  • Wittgenstein's relation to other founders and representatives of analytic philosophy 
  • The application of Wittgensteinian ideas in different areas of philosophy including: ethics, philosophy of language and logic, philosophy of literature and film
  • The development of therapeutic conceptions of philosophy

We welcome applications from Postgraduate students wishing to work on any of these topics. Please get in touch with Oskari Kuusela if you would like to pursue doctoral research in this area. Recently completed PhD projects within the Wittgenstein research centre include: Odai Alzobi (Wittgenstein and Austin on What Is Common), Ryan Dawson (Leaving Mathematics As It Is: Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy of Mathematics), Tamara Dobler (Wittgenstein on Grammar and Grammatical Method),  Mihai Ometita (Wittgenstein and the Problem of Phenomenology), Jamie Potter (Reflective Equilibrium: A Wittgensteinian Approach), Ben Walker (Grammatical and Geneological Investigation: Two Models of Antidogmatic Philosophical Method), Jessica Woolley (Wittgenstein and International Relations)