The Centre for Photonics and Quantum Science (CPQS) at UEA harnesses the expertise of researchers in chemistry, physics, and mathematics to actively contribute towards innovation and vitality in the UK quantum and photonics sector.

The centre was established in 2022 under the leadership of Prof. David Andrews with the aim of consolidating and focussing expertise in photonics and quantum science, which are broad areas of research strength at UEA.

The centre draws together research pursuits ranging from fundamental developments and applications of quantum mechanics, through experimental and computational chemical and optical physics, to quantum fluid physics and mathematics.

Much of the work conducted in our centre is fundamental in nature, focussing on developing a detailed understanding of the chemistry, physics, and mathematics that can support future applications of photonics and quantum science.

Our three key objectives are:

  • Pioneer understanding of the quantum mechanisms in photon interactions
  • Develop theories to model the behaviour of quantum matter
  • Apply advanced optical techniques to elicit the intricate optical properties of complex molecules

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