Welcome to the Biomedical Research Centre



Samuel Fountain (Director of the Biomedical Research Centre).

Group leaders

Professor Ian Clark (Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology)
Professor Ulrike Mayer (Professor of Matrix Biology)
Professor Changjiang Dong (Professor of Molecular Medicine)
Professor Michael Muller (Professor of Nutrigenomics & Systems Nutrition)
Dr Samuel Fountain (Associate Professor of Pharmacology)
Dr Paul Crichton (Associate Professor of Biochemistry)
Dr Kevin Tyler (Associate Professor)
Dr Ernst Poschl (Associate Professor of Matrix Biology)
Dr Jelena Gavrilovic (Associate Professor of Cell Biology)
Dr Mette Mogensen (Associate Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology)
Dr Mohammad Hajihosseini (Associate Professor of Neuroscience)
Dr Penny Powell (Associate Professor of Infection & Immunity)
Dr Graham Riley (Associate Professor of Musculoskeletal Pathology)
Dr Derek Warren (Assistant Professor of Pharmacology)
Dr David Monk (Assistant Professor of Biomedicine)
Dr Amer Rana (Assistant Professor of Biomedicine)
Dr Alper Akay (UKRI Research Fellow in RNA Biology)
Dr Darrell Green (Assistant Professor of RNA Biology)
Dr Christopher Morris (Assistant Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics)
Dr John Griffin (Assistant Professor of Biomedicine)

Research in the BMRC focuses on the biology of human disease and the development of novel therapies. It is a collaborative research environment containing teams from the Faculty of Science and the Norwich Medical School.

Core research themes are cardiometabolic health and disease, musculoskeletal health a disease, developmental genetics, infection and immunity, neuroscience and cancer.

Our research is generously supported by the British Heart Foundation, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Medical Research Council, Wellcome Trust and collaborative partners in industry. The building houses cutting-edge facilities for molecular bioscience research including the Wellcome Trust Disease Modelling Unit for advanced in vivo studies.

Images from the Biomedical Research Centre