21-23 June 2021

This online meeting will be held over 3 consecutive days, 2 hours per day

This symposium brings together researchers and clinicians from the immunology, bone and gut fields with internationally renowned keynote speakers, orals selected from abstract submissions and poster presentations.

Traditionally, many would have thought that two physiological systems could hardly be more remote from one another than the skeleton and the GI tract. However, increasingly, key functional links between the two are being recognized. Given the central role of the gut in absorbing nutrients essential to bone development and homeostasis and given the well recognised links between GI pathology such as Coeliac disease and skeletal disease such as osteoporosis perhaps this is not so surprising.

Disorders of calcium and bone metabolism are common, affecting over 3 million people in the UK in the form of osteoporosis alone, and are linked to disturbances of gut function. Mechanisms including hormonal secretion, nutrient uptake, balance of gut microbiota, immune regulation and doubtless others yet to be described are all at play. Altered microbial composition is involved in a range of inflammatory conditions, both within and outside the gut, including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, diabetes, food allergies, eczema, and asthma as well as obesity and the metabolic syndrome. This themed scientific meeting aims to explore new and emerging areas that link gut and bone health.

Join us for world-class scientific and clinical presentations, discuss with the experts in the field and present your latest findings.



Registration is free and online, and should be done by 18th June 2021.  Please click on the pink button below to be send through to the registration form. Early registration is encouraged due to a limited number of spaces.




21 June: Day 1

Keynote Speaker – Prof. Roberto Pacifici  (Director of the Division of Endocrinology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Selected talks from abstracts

22 June: Day 2

Invited speaker - Laura McCabe  (Michigan State University, USA)
Invited speaker - Duncan Bassett  (Imperial College London, UK)
Clinical session - Selected talks from abstracts

23 June: Day 3

Invited speaker - Mario Zaiss  (Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
Invited speaker - TBA
Selected talks from abstracts

Submission of Abstracts and Clinical Cases


The abstract submission deadline is 17th May 2021

Scientific and Clinical abstracts will be marked by a panel of experts based on their originality, invention, scientific soundness and timeliness in the field.  Submitting authors will notified of the outcome of the selection committee by 24th May 2021.

Oral communications will be selected from the highest ranking abstracts submitted for the Gut-Bone Axis meeting. 

Posters will be available online throughout the meeting and Q&A forum will be hosted on the meeting website. Presenting authors should create a poster-style single Powerpoint file (.ppt or .pptx) and record a 2 minute summation of the main findings. 

Helpful guidelines for how to record your poster or presentation are available on howtogeek.com and the Microsoft Edu channel on YouTube.

Instructions on how to zoom in to a part of the poster for emphasis are available on the Microsoft support website.

When you are ready to submit your abstract, please use the pink button below to submit your details via Microsoft Forms.

Submit your abstract



Presentations will be judged throughout the meeting for the following awards;

Best oral presentation

  • Young investigator (£150)
  • Student (£150)

Poster prizes

  • Best overall poster (£150)
  • Best poster: scientific, clinical (2 x £75)

Further information

Contact the conference organisers:

This meeting is generously sponsored by the Society for Endocrinology, Bone and Calcium Network.