THE COURT - 2021/22

On this page, you will find information about present members of The Court.

(A year after a member's name indicates that the term of office expires on 31 July of that year)

Ex officio Members

  • The Chancellor        K. Jones, CBE
  • The Pro Chancellor        Dr S. Howes OBE (2024)
  • The Vice Chancellor            Professor D.J. Richardson, BSc, PhD 
  • The Treasurer        M. Williams, Hon DCL (2022)
  • Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor     Professor C. Bovis-Cnossen 
  • The Pro Vice Chancellor             Professor F. Lettice, BSc, MSc, PhD, BA (2022) 
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors     Professor F. Bowen, BA, PhD, HEA (2021), Professor S. Barrow BA, MA, PhD (2022), Professor C. ffrench-Constant (2026), Professor M. Searcey, BSc, PhD (2024)

Her Majesty's Lieutenants of and in the Counties of:



  •     Norfolk        The Lady Dannatt, MBE
  •     Suffolk        Clare Countess of Euston
  •     The Lord Bishop of Ely        Rt Rev S. Conway
  •     The Lord Bishop of Norwich        The Rt Rev G. Usher
  •     The Lord Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich        The Rt Rev M. Seeley    
  •     The Lord Mayor of the Council of the City of Norwich         K. Maguire

The Chairs of the Councils of each District situate within the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk:



  •     Babergh         A. Osborne 
  •     Breckland         R. Brame     
  •     Broadland         R. Foulger 
  •     Great Yarmouth         S. Hacon (Mayor)
  •     Ipswich         E. Hughes (Mayor)
  •     King's Lynn and West Norfolk         B Long (Chair), L. Gore (CEO) 
  •     Mid Suffolk         P. Ekpenyong
  •     West Suffolk     M. Marks
  •     North Norfolk         J. Punchard    
  •     South Norfolk         F. Ellis 
  •     East Suffolk         K. Robinson 

The High Sheriffs of the Counties of:

  • Norfolk         M. Gurney 
  • Suffolk         G. Creasey
  • The Sheriff of the City of Norwich         C. Jarrold 

The Members of the Commons House of Parliament elected for the parliamentary constituencies in Norfolk and Suffolk:

  • Bury St Edmunds        J. Churchill, MP
  • Great Yarmouth        B. Lewis, MP
  • Ipswich        T. Hunt, MP
  • Norfolk, Mid        G. Freeman, MP
  • Norfolk, North        D. Baker, MP
  • Norfolk, North West        J. Wild, MP
  • Norfolk, South        R. Bacon, MP
  • Norfolk, South West        E. Truss, MP
  • Norwich, North        C. Smith, MP
  • Norwich, South        C. Lewis, MP
  • Suffolk, Central and Ipswich, North        D. Poulter, MP
  • Suffolk, Coastal        T. Coffey, MP
  • Suffolk, South        J. Cartlidge, MP
  • Suffolk, West        M. Hancock, MP
  • Waveney        P. Aldous, MP
  • Broadland         J. Mayhew, MP

The Chairs of the Councils of the Counties of:

  • Norfolk        P. Carpenter 
  • Suffolk         G. Newman
  • Cabinet Member for  Children’s Services Norfolk        J. Fisher
  • Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Young People’s Services Suffolk         J. Reeder 
  • Executive Director of People's Services Suffolk        S. Cook
  • Norfolk County Councils appointed Representative        A. Proctor    

The Chief Executive Officers of the Councils of the Counties of:

  • Norfolk        No CEO
  • Suffolk        N. Beach 
  • The Chief Executive Officer of the Council of the City of Norwich        S. Evans 

The Chief Executive Officers of the Councils of the Districts situate within the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk:

  • Babergh        A. Charvonia [Joint CEO of Barbergh and Mid Suffolk]
  • Breckland        A. Graves [Joint CEO of Breckland and South Holland, Lincolnshire] 
  • Broadland        P.Kirby
  • West Suffolk        I. Gallin 
  • Great Yarmouth        S. Oxtoby
  • Ipswich        R. Williams 
  • King's Lynn and West Norfolk        L. Gore
  • Mid Suffolk        (See Babergh)
  • North Norfolk        S. Blatch 
  • St Edmundsbury        (See Forest Heath)
  • South Norfolk        T. Holden (Managing Director, Joint South Norfolk and Broadland District Council) 
  • East Suffolk        S. Baker (Suffolk Coastal and Waveney merged into East Suffolk) 
  • Waveney        (See Suffolk Coastal) 
  • Director of Childrens’ Services Norfolk County Council           S. Tough
  • Director for Children and Young People Suffolk County Council         A. Cadzow 

Those members of the Council who are not already members of the Court by virtue of the foregoing provisions:


 S. Blease (2022)    

R. Chakraborty (2022)                         

J. Clayton (2025)                                  

S. Evans (2023)     

K. Harper (2024)                                  

G. Maclean (2022)

J. Paine (2024)

U. Sundaram (2024)

J. Wheeler (2022)

  A. Wood (2023)


Two student Representatives 
 E. Payne (2022) (Activities & Opportunities Officer) 
I. Garnham (2022) (Undergraduate Education Officer)         


Other Members
Those members of the Promotion Committee who are not already members of the Court by virtue of the foregoing provisions (members of the Promotion Committee continue to hold office during their respective lives).

P. Hood, JP    
A.G. Sturrock                    


Such other persons, not exceeding twelve in all, as may be co opted by the Court

Vice-Chancellor, Norwich University of the Arts (S. Ofield-Kerr)

Principal, East Coast College (S. Rimmer)
Principal, The College of West Anglia (D. Pomfret)  

Principal, City College Norwich (C. Peasgood)
Principal, Suffolk New College (V Gillespie)
Principal, West Suffolk College (N. Savvas) 
Vice-Chancellor, University of Suffolk (H. Langton) 


Such other persons, not exceeding twelve in all, as may be appointed by the Council            
Professor Sir Christopher Howes, KCVO, CB, BSc,     MPhil, FRICS
Postgraduate Education Officer (A. Hida )
Welfare, Community & Diversity Officer (A. Campbell)