The University has standard terms and conditions which set out the relationship between you and the University which begins when you apply for a place, accept the University’s offer of a place and continue for the whole period of your studies.   They are specific for each year of entry and historic versions can be found below.

The terms and conditions include a number of regulations which you must comply with and categorised as being:

•    General Regulations – which apply to all students
•    Awards Regulations – which will be specific to the award for which you are studying
•    Disciplinary Regulations  - which set out the potential consequences of failing to comply with regulations
•    Fees and Charges regulations

In addition, there are a number of other operational rules and processes which you will need to follow and other Terms and Conditions may apply, if for example you are in receipt of a scholarship, resident in UEA accommodation, studying on an apprenticeship, etc.  This is explained in the Terms and Conditions. 

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