Committee Secretary: Dr Andrea Blanchflower, email

Governance Office: Mrs Rebecca Phillips, email

MEMBERSHIP 2022/2023

The Vice-Chancellor and President - Professor David Richardson

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Professor Fiona Lettice (2024)

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Professor Christine Bovis-Cnossen 

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors of Faculty - Professor Sarah Barrow (2024), Professor Charles ffrench-Constant (2026), Professor Paul Dobson (Interim PVC-SSF) and Professor Mark Searcey (31.03.2024)

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor - Professor Emma Sutton (18.04.2027)

Four Heads of Schools (One from each Faculty)

HUM - Professor Kim Ridealgh (2025),  FMH – Professor Kenda Crozier (Interim) ; SCI - Professor Nick Le Brun (2025); SSF- Professor Christine Cocker (2025) 

Sixteen Academic Representatives (Four from each Faculty with one of the four from the Professoriate and one at Lecturer grade)

HUM - Professor Christine Clarke (2025), Dr Kaeten Mistry (2023), Dr Oren Margolis (2024), Dr Letica Yulita (2023), 

FMH –  Professor Morag Faruhar (2025), Dr Stephanie Jong (2023) and Dr Felix Naughton (2024), Dr Mark Curtis (2025)

SCI - Professor A Ganesan (2023), Dr Tom Haynes (2025), Dr Leanne Stokes (2023), Professor Grant Wheeler (2025)

SSF - Dr Kate Russell (2023), Dr Charles Seger (2023) and Professor Olga Tregaskis (2025), Dr Gareth Edwards (2025)

The Librarian - Mr Nick Lewis 

Director of Student Services - Dr Jon Sharp 

Principal of Norwich City College - Mr Jerry White 

Three representatives from the Union of UEA Students

Activities and Campaigns Officer of the Union of UEA Students - Evie drennan (2023)

Postgraduate Education Officer of the Union of UEA Students - Elise Page (2023) 

Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer of the Union of UEA Students - Aaron Campbell (2023)


Mr Ian Callaghan (Official Secretary) (Chief Resource Officer and University Secretary)

Dr Andrea Blanchflower (Minutes)


Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellors may attend and have the right to debate, but not to vote.

  • Education and Curriculum (Professor Eloise Ellis)

  • Student Inclusion (Professor Helena Gillespie)

  • Recruitment (Professor Charles Seger)

  • Learning and Teaching Enhancement (Professor Kay Yeoman)

  • UEA Doctoral College (Professor Samuel Fountain)

  • Employability and Opportunities (Dr Matt Aldrich)

  • Partnerships and Apprenticeships (Professor Zoe Butterfint)

  • Global (Professor Eylem Atakav)

  • Research (Professor Brian Reid) 

  • Innovation (TBC)

These Terms of Reference are made under the provision of paragraph 3, Ordinance 3.

Terms of Reference

3. The Senate shall act always in the best interests of the University as a whole and within the strategies and financial plans approved by the Council. It shall:

3.1 regulate all teaching and courses of study offered by the University;

3.2 regulate the admission of persons to courses of study;

3.3 regulate all University examinations and appoint examiners whether internal or external;

3.4 regulate the conditions qualifying for the award of degrees and other educational awards conferred by the University;

3.5. in the name of the University or jointly or in conjunction or collaboration with another institution or institutions award degrees and other educational awards to persons who have pursued a course of study approved by the Senate and who have passed examinations and other forms of assessment under conditions laid down in regulations, or are otherwise qualified to receive them;

3.6. grant honorary degrees, the title of emeritus professor or other University distinctions;

3.7 revoke any degree, educational award or other distinction conferred by the University (including honorary awards) where the holder has been subsequently found to be in breach of the requirements for conferment of the award, or whose actions render them unfit to be a member or graduate of the University;

3.8 regulate the use of academic dress in the University;

3.9 approve regulations for the conduct of students and disciplinary procedures and penalties relating to students;

3.10 ensure appropriate provision is made to promote the welfare of students;

3.11 nominate, where required to do so, persons to serve on Council;

3.12 determine the formalities which should attach to the conferment of degrees and other distinctions (subject to Ordinance 2);

3.13 review at least annually the academic performance (in teaching, research, innovation and engagement) of the University and the standing of the University both nationally and internationally, judged against strategies approved by Council;

3.14 identify and advise the Executive Team on such actions as may be necessary or desirable to:

a) meet the aims and objectives of strategies approved by Council and generally to:

b) further raise the quality of the student experience and the achievements and potential of students of the University; and

c) further raise the performance of the University in terms of the quality and the reputation of its research; and

d) ensure that the extent of regulation and the administrative services which support teaching, research, enterprise and engagement, promote efficiency and coherence of operation across the University, and avoid unnecessary complexity;

3.15 make, add to, amend or revoke such regulations as are considered necessary relating to Senate’s exercise of its powers and functions;

3.16 where requested appoint representatives to other bodies of an academic nature;

3.17 generally, exercise such powers as may be conferred on Senate by the Charter or Statutes;

3.18 meet at least three times per year

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