Committee Secretary: Dr Andrea Blanchflower, telephone 01603 59(2618) / email

Governance Office: Mrs Rebecca Phillips, telephone 01603 59(3203) / email



The Vice-Chancellor - Professor David Richardson

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors - Professor Fiona Lettice (2022) & Professor Neil Ward (2021)

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors of Faculty - Professor Frances Bowen (2023), Professor Dylan Edwards (2021), Professor Sarah Barrow (2022) and Professor Mark Searcey (2024)

Four Heads of Schools (One from each Faculty)

HUM - Dr Jeremy Noel-Todd (until 31.12.2020, then Professor A. Donnell 2023),  FMH – Professor William Fraser (Interim); SCI - Professor Kevin Hiscock (2022); SSF- Professor Laura Camfield (2022) 

Sixteen Academic Representatives (Four from each Faculty with one of the four from the Professoriate and one at Lecturer grade)

HUM - Dr Sally Broughton Micova (2021), Dr Kaeten Mistry (2023), Dr Letica Yulita (2021), Professor Matthew Woodcock (2023)

FMH –  Mrs Katrina Emerson (2021), Dr Neil James (2022), Dr Stephanie Jong (2023), Professor Ailsa Welch (2021)

SCI - Professor A Ganesan (2023), Dr Helen Pallett (2022), Professor Gerard Parr (2022), Dr Leanne Stokes (2023)

SSF - Dr Ann Anka (2022),  Dr Kate Russell (2023), Dr Charles Seger (2023), Professor Andreas Stephan (2022)

The Librarian - Mr Nick Lewis 

Director of Student Services - Dr Jon Sharp 

Principal of Norwich City College - Ms Corriene Peasgood 

Three representatives from the Union of UEA Students

Undergraduate Education Officer of the Union of UEA Students - Mr Callum Perry (2021)

Postgraduate Education Officer of the Union of UEA Students - Ms Ayane Hida (2021)

Activities and Opportunities Officer of the Union of UEA Students - Ms Elizabeth Payne (2021)


Mr Ian Callaghan (Official Secretary) (Chief Resource Officer and University Secretary)

Dr Andrea Blanchflower (Minutes)


Academic Directors may attend and have the right to debate, but not to vote.

• Taught Programmes (Mrs Emma Sutton)
• Inclusive Education (Professor Helena Gillespie)
• Admissions (Professor Richard Harvey)
• Learning and Teaching Enhancement (Professor Kay Yeoman)
• UEA Doctoral College (Professor Alastair Grant)
• Employability (Dr Matt Aldrich)
• Partnerships and Apprenticeships (Professor Zoe Butterfint)

Terms of Reference


These Standing Orders are made under the provision of paragraph 7, Ordinance 3.

1.            Membership

(1)          The membership of Senate is:

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair);

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor;

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors (5);

Four Heads of Schools (one from each Faculty);

16 academic representatives (4 from each Faculty) with one of the four from the professoriate and one at lecturer grade;

Library Director

Director of Student Services;

Principal of City College, Norwich

Three representatives of the Union of UEA Students

(2)          In the absence of the Vice-Chancellor the Deputy Vice-Chancellor will act as Chair, otherwise the Vice-Chancellor will nominate the Chair.

(3)          The Senate is the appointing body for all members other than ex-officio members.  The Senate will receive nominations from Faculty Executives for the academic representatives.

(4)          Members of the Senate (other than ex-officio members) will serve for 3 years (renewable, but normally only for one further term) or until they cease to be qualified in the category in which they are appointed or until removed by resolution of the Senate, whichever is the earlier.

2.            Meetings

(1)          There shall be three ordinary meetings of the Senate in each academic year.

(2)          Special meetings shall be held at such time and such place as the Senate may determine.

(3)          Extraordinary meetings may in case of urgency be summoned by the Vice-Chancellor and shall be summoned by him or her on written requisition signed by ten members.

(4)          At extraordinary meetings no business shall be taken which does not appear on the Agenda paper.

(5)          Five days’ notice with the Agenda paper shall be given for ordinary and special meetings and seven days for extraordinary meetings.

3.            Order of Business

(1)          The Agenda for any meeting of Senate will be determined by the Chair.

(2)          Business shall be arranged such that items for discussion will be presented under Section A, matters for report (not requiring discussion) will be presented under Section B, and confidential and reserved business under Section C.  Each item and any accompanying paper will be clearly presented to the Senate with details of its origin, its status in terms of confidentiality, and the action required from the Senate.

4.            Motions

Any member of the Senate may require a motion which is relevant to the terms of reference of the Senate to be placed on the Agenda paper by giving notice in writing so that it reaches the office of the Registrar and Secretary no later than the seventh day preceding the meeting.

5.            Conduct of Business

(1)          The conduct of business shall be as directed by the Chair of the meeting.

(2)          The Chair may express the consensus on any issue and if there is no dissent it will be deemed to be resolved with no objections. Any matter put to the vote shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting on the question. In the case of equality of votes, the Chair shall give a second or casting vote.

(3)          Voting shall be by a show of hands except:

                (a)          when Standing Orders require a ballot, or

                (b)          when any member of the Senate requests a ballot.

6.            Honorary Degrees

(1)          Honorary Degrees may be awarded to persons who have achieved distinction through their contribution to science, learning or the arts, through public life either nationally or internationally, or through service to the University or to the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk or otherwise.

(2)          In each academic year the Registrar and Secretary shall draw the attention of all Heads of School and Directors of Central Divisions to this Standing Order and shall ask for nominations to be submitted to him or her.

(3)          Each nomination shall be made in writing and separately, and shall be accompanied by a statement of the grounds on which the recommendation is made.

(4)          All nominations shall be considered by the Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee, together with any other names agreed by the Committee, and the Committee shall submit its recommendations to the Senate.

(5)          Any member of the Senate may give notice in writing to the Registrar and Secretary before the meeting that he or she wishes a discussion to be held on the recommendations of the Committee. If no such notice is given the Senate shall proceed to a vote by ballot. No proposal shall be approved by the Senate unless a simple majority of those voting are in favour of it.

(6)          In exceptional circumstances and where time is of the essence the Chair may consult members of Senate by email, and approve the award under Chair’s action. 

(7)          No honorary degree shall be conferred in absentia.

7.            Title of Emeritus Professor and Reader Emeritus

                Any proposals to confer the title of Emeritus Professor or Reader Emeritus upon a Professor or Reader who is retiring fully from their post shall be considered by the Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee and the Committee shall submit its recommendations to the Senate.

8.            Members of the Council

(1)          Nominations from members of Senate of candidates for vacancies on Council for Senate representatives shall be lodged with the Registrar and Secretary in writing no later than the eighth day before the ordinary meeting of the Senate in the Summer Committee round and shall state that the consent of the nominee has been obtained. If Senate is content to proceed the nominations may be approved with no objection or following a ballot as appropriate.

(2)          In the event of nominations for the full number of vacancies not being received, other nominations shall be asked for at the meeting.

9.            Committees

(1)          The Senate may establish committees from time to time determine and delegate such of its powers and duties as it thinks fit.

(2)          Every committee of the Senate shall have power to appoint sub-committees and to delegate such of its powers and duties as it thinks fit.

(3)          Each committee and sub-committee shall have a Chair appointed by the Vice-Chancellor.

(4)          In the case of urgent business requiring attention between meetings of the Senate, or a committee or sub-committee and when it is not reasonably practicable to call a special meeting the relevant Chair or the Vice-Chancellor  shall have power to exercise all the powers and duties of the Senate, or the committee or sub-committee (subject to Ordinance 3, paragraph 6).

(5)          Standing Order 5, “Conduct of Business” will apply to committees and sub-committees.

(6)          Members of committees and sub-committees (other than ex-officio members) will serve for 3 years (renewable) or until they cease to be qualified in the category in which they are appointed or until removed by resolution of the Senate, whichever is the earlier.

(7)          The Senate may choose/exercise the delegated powers and duties in any circumstance it deems necessary or appropriate.

10.          Honorary Appointments

(1)          The Honorary Appointments Committee, a sub-committee of the University Promotions Committee has responsibility for approving recommendations for Honorary Appointments.  The membership is as follows:

Pro Vice Chancellor (Research) (Chair)

Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Science

Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Head of the John Innes Centre

Head of the Institute of Food Research

Head of the School of Biological Sciences

One member co-opted by the Chair as required

Secretary: HR Manager

(2)          A Head of School may recommend persons of academic standing not being members of the University who are academically suitable and have a teaching or research role in the School for appointment to honorary positions or (in the case of Readerships or Professorships) for other appropriate and beneficial links.

(3)          The recommendations for all appointments if supported by the School Promotions Committee shall be submitted under confidential cover accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a statement by the Head of School of the case for wishing to create the association and an outline of the duties they will perform.

(4)          Additionally, in the case of recommendations for the appointment of honorary Professors, Schools shall submit the names of three external assessors to whom the Committee may refer for independent expert advice as to the suitability of the persons proposed for appointment.

(5)          Decisions and recommendations will be determined by the Honorary Appointments Committee, or in the case of honorary appointments below the level of Reader, the Secretary on behalf of the Committee.

(a)          Recommendations in relation to Honorary Professors will be made by the Honorary Appointments Committee to the relevant Faculty Promotions Committee, who will consider cases and where candidates are considered suitable resolve to make appointments.

(b)          The Honorary Appointments Committee will resolve on appointments to Honorary Readerships.

(6)          The period of appointment for an honorary Chair or Reader shall be a maximum of five years in the first instance.  The period of appointment below Reader level shall be for a maximum of three years in the first instance.

(7)          The Honorary Appointments Committee will terminate any appointment if the person appointed ceases the appropriate association with the University.

Meetings 2020/2021



2pm - Microsoft TEAMS 

WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2021 - This meeting was cancelled



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WEDNESDAY 2 june 2021

2pm - Microsoft TEAMS

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