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Incoming students are typically classified as 'exchange students' or 'fee-paying students'.

Exchange students are responsible for costs other than those covered by partnership agreements* . For immigration purposes, non-EU students must also have financial support to cover their entire period of study.  For Erasmus+ students, please contact your home university regarding your Erasmus grant allowance.

*Some exchange agreements include the cost of standard accommodation. Students choosing to apply for more expensive housing are responsible for difference in cost.

If your home university or college does not appear below, it is likely that your exchange covers tuition only.

University Financial Arrangement
Middlebury College Tuition, accommodation & meals paid by home institution
Roanoke College Tuition, accommodation & meals paid by home institution
Occidental College Tuition and accommodation paid by home institution
University of Redlands Tuition and accommodation paid by home institution


Fee-paying students apply and enrol directly with the University of East Anglia or through a Study Abroad provider.  Depending on the agreement (if any) we hold with your home university or Study Abroad provider, you will be billed directly.  If unsure about billing procedures please speak to your home university or Study Abroad provider.


2016-17 estimated costs

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Tuition (EU)





2016-2017 prices

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Living Expenses 





Note: University residences remain open through Christmas and Easter breaks.

* Living expenses includes books and stationery, clothing and personal expenditure (such as recreation, social activities, UK travel, laundry, etc.).  Excluded are meal costs and living expenses outside semester time, return travel to/from the UK and any additional medical or dental insurance and similar.


Additional funding

US Federal Aid (FAFSA) is able to be used towards funding academic programmes outside the United States.  Students should consult with the Financial Aid Office on their home campus to determine if a change of school code is necessary.  UEA is able to certify loans, including Stafford Loans, Grad PLUS Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans.

If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding this process, contact us on

UEA FAFSA School code: G10 915

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