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December 2015: European Commission: Facing the Future- launch of the report. Read more.

December 2015: official launch of ‘European Commission: Facing the Future’, by Commission Vice President Georgieva.

July 2015: presentation of papers on socialization and on leadership at the Council of Europeanists Conference, Paris

April to July 2015: post-submission meetings in the Commission

June 2015: Masterclass delivered by Hussein Kassim and Sara Connolly in DG Human Resources, European Commission

March 2015: presentation of papers on socialization and on development of the Commission Presidency, European Union Studies Association Conference, Boston

February 2015: submission of report, ‘The European Commission: Facing the Future’, authored by Sara Connolly and Hussein Kassim, to the European Commission

October 2014: presentations of provisional findings in the European Commission

April to September 2014: face-to-face interviews and focus groups

March to April 2014: online survey is live