Reading philosophy and becoming fluent in its frameworks for thinking about fundamental questions gives you the opportunity to become the most interesting versions of yourself.

Rather than following the crowd, philosophy will empower you to think independently, clearly, and deeply. You will be able to develop and defend your positions across a range of different problems and topics and begin a lifelong quest for new ways of thinking and living.

Studying philosophy is a great investment in yourself and your career. You will acquire the skills to read closely, write clearly, speak with confidence, and to engage productively with differing viewpoints and perspectives.

These are valuable skills, and the combination of creativity and rigour that you will develop makes better citizens and is increasingly valued by employers.

If you want to find out more about studying philosophy, please get in touch with the Philosophy Head of Department, Dr Davide Rizza.

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Resources for Philosophy teachers to assist with remote teaching during the pandemic can be downloaded here:

Philosophy Discussion Brochure


Hard copies of this resource can also be requested for use by filling in this short form. Due to the current circumstances around Covid-19, there will be a delay in posting any hard copies. Thank you for your understanding:

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