Since graduating, Matt Milne has gone on to act in film and theatre Since graduating, Matt Milne has gone on to act in film and theatre

Matt Milne at the UK premiere of Steven Spielberg's film War Horse.

Graduated: BA Drama, Occupation: Actor

Since graduating in 2011, Matt Milne has worked on two films (War Horse, Wrath of the Titans) and various smaller-scale theatre productions (most recently at the Miniaturists Festival at the Arcola in London) and is currently working on the third series of Downton Abbey.

Why did you choose to study at UEA?
The personal nature of the interview process. I felt that the staff cared about each individual, rather than being another number on a sheet.

What did you think about your lecturers, teaching and the facilities?
They were excellent. The lecturers are open and approachable, more than willing to share their experience both in class and out of it. We were also able to make full use of the on-site studio theatre with regular productions being put on by the semi-professional theatre company that is run by students from the course.

Tell us what it was like studying drama at UEA
Being at UEA was top, I was able to learn from my talented peers and from the remarkable lecturers in a supportive atmosphere where creativity was nurtured.

Did you join any UEA clubs and societies while you were studying?
I played in the football league run by university students at the Sportspark and also in a league in the city on Thursday nights. I also co-hosted a show for Livewire FM – the student radio station.

Please tell us how you got your first acting job after university and what the role involved.
I heard from my friend Tom that there was a company you could join through the internet that would alert you to acting auditions. Through that company, I heard about an agent in Telford that was just opening its books. A week after auditioning for them, they decided to sign me up. Half a week after that, they gave me a call about an improvised audition for an unnamed project the following day that they could tell me very little about. I was recalled by the casting director the following week and was given the part.
That project turned out to be War Horse!

Has your drama course helped you in your roles so far?
Definitely. The course, the staff and my peers helped my confidence bloom during my time at university. I learnt new ways to analyse text in depth and the amount of opportunities to perform during the course enabled me to practise and experiment.

What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?
Being involved with War Horse.

Looking back to your time at University, what advice would you give to new students?
Take risks and try new things as it will foster confidence. Prepare for classes. Relax!

What is your most memorable moment at UEA?
The final week of the third year production; a semester of preparation, research and stress culminated in a hectic few days for everyone. The relief and sense of accomplishment at the end of that week was great, but being able to enjoy it with all of your mates was even better.