Upcoming AMB seminars Upcoming AMB seminars

These talks will take place on a Monday at 1pm (unless stated otherwise) in the SCI 01-38 Seminar Room. 

Date Speaker Organisation Title
Spring 2020
13 Jan Karina Adcock ENV Investigation of East Asian emissions of CFC-11 using atmospheric observations in Taiwan
20 Jan Andrew Mayes CHE Measuring Microplastics:  a UEA perspective
27 Jan Jan Kaiser ENV Isotopic fingerprints of carbonyl sulfide (COS) - a sulfur analogue of CO2
3 Feb Amanda Burson Uni of Nottingham A Sea of Change: Impacts of Reduced Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loads on Coastal Phytoplankton Communities
10 Feb tbc    
17 Feb Tom Bell Plymouth Marine Lab tba
24 Feb Kevin Vikstrom ENV tba
2 Mar Kadmiel Maysek Open University tba
9 Mar tbc    
16 Mar Anna Belcher British Antarctic Survey  
20 Apr tbc    
27 Apr Alex Archibald University of Cambridge tbc


Organisers: To be advised

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