Weekly Research Seminar on Biogeochemical Processes in Atmosphere and Oceans Weekly Research Seminar on Biogeochemical Processes in Atmosphere and Oceans

 Unless otherwise stated(*), these seminars will take place in the Clayton Seminar Room 01.38 on Monday at 13:00.


Date Speaker Organisation Title
Autumn 2016
26 Sept -    
3 Oct, TPSC 1.03, 11 am  Filipa Carvalho Rutgers University Mixing and phytoplankton dynamics in Antarctica’s coastal seas
3 Oct, Clayton room, 1 pm  Alex Baker UEA Atmospheric models of nitrogen deposition to the ocean: how far can you trust them?
10 Oct Penelope Pickers UEA New applications of continuous atmospheric O2 measurements
17 Oct Jenni Pratscher UEA Methane sinks and algal blooms - detecting microbial key players in the environment
24 Oct Danny Fletham University of Reading Sea ice melt in the Arctic: through a pond darkly
31 Oct Thomas Sherwen University of York Global modelling of tropospheric halogens and their impacts on air-quality and climate
7 Nov Matthew Bone UEA Piecing the puzzle of nitrogen – A time line of the Anthropocene in Shelf Seas.
14 Nov Rich Thomas University of Birmingham Using Drones for Environmental Science: from 400 to 12,000ft
21 Nov Mahasweta Saha University of Essex Macroalgal defense under changing conditions: does change bring along change?
28 Nov David Oram UEA Have we underestimated the role of short-lived chlorine compounds in ozone depletion?
5 Dec Andreas Engel University of Frankfurt New method to calculate fractional release of halocarbons and use of AirCores to sample the stratosphere
12 Dec Camilla Ryan, Karina Adcock, Solomon Udochi UEA tba
19 Dec Stuart Penkett, Emeritus Professor UEA Discovery of new molecules which have subsequently been incorporated into the Montreal Protocol


Organisers: Irina Grouneva and Bill Sturges