Upcoming AMB seminars Upcoming AMB seminars

These talks will take place on a Monday at 1pm (unless stated otherwise) in the SCI 01-38 Seminar Room. 

Date Speaker Organisation Title
Spring 2020
13 Jan Karina Adcock ENV Investigation of East Asian emissions of CFC-11 using atmospheric observations in Taiwan
20 Jan Andrew Mayes CHE Measuring Microplastics:  a UEA perspective
27 Jan Jan Kaiser ENV Isotopic fingerprints of carbonyl sulfide (COS) - a sulfur analogue of CO2
3 Feb Amanda Burson Uni of Nottingham A Sea of Change: Impacts of Reduced Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loads on Coastal Phytoplankton Communities
10 Feb tbc    
17 Feb Tom Bell Plymouth Marine Lab Seawater DMS variability during the North Atlantic Aerosol and Marine Ecosystem Study (NAAMES)
24 Feb Kevin Vikstrom ENV A story of bacterial maintenance respiration: Maintaining functions in coastal ecosystems
2 Mar Kadmiel Maysek Open University Estimating ecosystem photosynthesis from biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of carbonyl sulfide
9 Mar Nicolas Mayot ENV Phytoplankton dynamics in the mediterranean and Greenland Seas
20 Apr tbc    
27 Apr Alex Archibald University of Cambridge tbc


Organisers: Parv Suntharalingam

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