Upcoming AMB seminars Upcoming AMB seminars

These talks will take place on a Monday at 1pm (unless stated otherwise) in the SCI 01-38 Seminar Room. 

Date Speaker Organisation Title
Autumn Term 2019
30 Sept Odile Crabeck ENV, UEA Small scale processes matter: freezing pressure in sea ice brine inclusions and its impact on water-ice-air exchange.
07 Oct Charel Wohl Plymouth Marine Laboratory Diurnal Cycling and Fine Scale Variability of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the Southern Ocean
14 Oct Yet Yin Hee CHE, UEA Malaysian Shelf Sea Primary Production and Biogeochemistry in the South China Sea
21 Oct    

Cancelled due to 0900-1220 presentations for COAS Atmospheric Chemistry Lectureship

28 Oct Matthew Jones Tyndall Centre Legacy Effects of Landscape Fires on Atmospheric CO2

4 Nov

Michelle Devlin  Cefas-UEA

A Perspective from the Pacific. Outcomes from a UK funded Commonwealth research program delivering  water quality, habitat mapping and Blue C data for sustainable marine economies in Pacific waters.

11 Nov Jon Todd BIO, UEA Surface Marine Sediments are Factories for DMSP and the Climate-Active Gas DMS
18 Nov Stefanie Nolte UEA-Cefas Living on the Edge - Salt Marshes Under Global Change
25 Nov Rebecca Wright Tyndall Centre Jellyfish and the Marine Carbon Cycle
02 Dec Amanda Burson University of Nottingham A Sea of Change: Impacts of reduced nitrogen and phosphorous loads on coastal phytoplankton communities
09 Dec AMB PhDs   New PhD Students Introductory Talks


Organisers: Gill Malin

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