Graduates who study the environment are in demand

Graduates who dedicate themselves to the study of the environment find themselves in high demand. As they achieve their degrees in fields related to the environment, such as Geography, Environmental Science, or specialised programs, doors begin to open before them. Our students  acquire not only the skills but also a deep understanding necessary to make a substantial and positive impact on our world. For instance, the pressing need for environmental transformation, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, has resulted in a multitude of consultancy and advisory positions that help ensure organisations meet their environmental targets.

Moreover, there exists a pressing need for graduates who possess the capacity to comprehend the ever-changing environmental landscape and its corresponding challenges, while simultaneously upholding the crucial role that humans play in creating sustainable solutions for the future. Given the immense range of environments and the reciprocal relationship between humans and their surroundings, opportunities range from mitigating volcanic hazards, enhancing biodiversity, reducing environmental impact, engaging society in solutions to climate change, and countless other ventures.

Careers with Environmental Science and Geography degrees

Our students might choose to work within an organisation, serve in a local or regional governmental capacity, engage in academic research, or work with a charity.  Our commitment to ensuring the relevance of our curriculum to these broad career options and employers is evidenced by the rigorous evaluation of our curriculum by a panel of employers, this ensures we remain responsive to future changes in graduate opportunities while simultaneously equipping our students with a diverse array of highly transferable skills. We recognise the importance of individual interests and we encourage our students to explore their own passions and pursue diverse pathways in their career journey. 

Work related experience is part of our degrees

As preparation for graduate work, we emphasise the value of work experience through placement year or collaborative work with organisations. Through work experience, students gain a unique perspective on how theoretical knowledge is practically applied in the workplace. Drawing on the latest research and employing case studies, we provide a comprehensive understanding of our environment and underscore how our actions can make a tangible and meaningful difference. Our graduates emerge from our programs fully equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead, whether they embark on a fulfilling career or continue their scholarly pursuits.

Support from our award winning Careers Service

The UEA Careers Service provides guidance, training and support for students through each stage of the degree, for example:

  • job application guidance
  • effective career planning
  • linking with mentors from organisations
  • psychometric testing
  • coaching for interviews
  • career and personal development workshops
  • vacancies listing local part time jobs, volunteering, Placement year, summer internships, graduate jobs
  • support for up to 3 years after graduation.

The Careers service and the School of Environmental Science collaborate to provide additional sessions specifically tailored to our students throughout their degree. The School hosts an annual Careers Event is highly rated opportunity for students to talk to employers about what they do, the opportunities open to them, many employers are alumni so are perfectly placed to link modules and skills to the relevant to future careers.

UEA Award

Gain a Bronze, Silver or Gold level UEA Award which certifies our students' achievements in studies and extracurricular experiences in ways employers value – giving you a competitive advantage in your chosen job market.


Graduate career stories

Read a selection of our graduate career stories that showcase examples of diverse career pathways.

Nikhil K

BSc Geography - Nikhil K

UEA graduate Nikhil studied BSc Geography, and now works on international sustainable agriculture policies as Policy Officer for the Department for Environment,...

Sam Murphy

MSci Environmental Sciences (Integrated Bachelors and Masters) - Sam Murphy

Graduating in 2019 from an integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, Sam now works as an Air Quality Consultant where he collects and analyses air pollution data.

Mahnoor Qadir

MSc Environmental Assessment and Management - Mahnoor Qadir

Mahnoor is an Environmental and Sustainability Consultant at Mott McDonald where she advises on rail and infrastructure projects. It all started here at UEA.

Jessica Groome

BSc Geography - Jessica Groome

Since graduating from UEA's BSc Geography, Jessica has worked in town planning for three of the largest UK housebuilders.

Ed Goodall Small

BSc Environmental Science – Ed Goodall

Ed worked in wildlife and environmental roles for organisations including The Woodland Trust and he’s now a Project Manager at Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

helen davies small

Helen Mallet (Geophysics and Oceanography), Freya Herman (MSci Environmental Science) and Helen Davies (BSc Environmental Science)

Helen, Freya and Helen M created a start-up organisation successfully designing and building affordable solar water pumps for smallholder farmers across the...

Jessie Gardner small

BSc Environmental Science, PhD  - Dr Jessie Gardner

Jessie’s degree and PhD on how ocean acidification might affect small marine gastropods has led to a research career focusing on the Arctic; she is currently...

Natalia Balashova headshot

PhD in Catchment Science and Environmental Hydrology –Dr  Natalia Balashova

Natalia came to UEA for her PhD and continues her research in Catchment Science by studying connections and relationships between human activities, physical...

Rhosana Jenkins headshot

PhD in spatial analysis – Dr Rhosanna Jenkins

After completing a PhD in water resources, biodiversity and agriculture of southern Kenya and contributing to IPCC's sixth assessment report, Rhosanna now works...

uea broad

My UEA Story: Andressa Giacomazzo

I decided to apply for UEA not only because the School of Environmental Sciences is very well ranked for its world-leading teaching and research, but also...