The UEA Award certifies our students' achievements in ways employers value – giving you a competitive advantage in your chosen job market.

The award gives you recognition for a range of academic and extra-curricular activities that help develop your skills and attributes, for employment and life.

These activities include:

  • giving presentations
  • volunteering
  • finding and making the most of internships
  • entrepreneurship
  • creating videos
  • society involvement

and so much more.

How it works

The UEA Award helps our students reflect on the skills they gain from their academic and extra-curricular activities.

It's a simple framework that helps you articulate your achievements to employers.


By getting involved in the award, you don't just gain new experience and skills – you also receive a certificate from the university. The scheme allows you to devote time to your future career alongside your study commmitments in a way that suits your lifestyle

The award has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our students must complete a certain number of hours of activity to reach each of these levels.

  • Bronze level is a series of online activities and related quizzes that give you the foundation for completing the other UEA Award stages.
  • Silver and Gold levels require short reflections on activities that fall within four categories: Academic, Work-related, Campus and Personal and Career Management. Each category has a specific number of hours of activities to complete.

Our careers service can support you on your journey.

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