From avoiding the 'So What' effect to top tips on becoming a writer – Working with Words presents a series of blogs from our friends and alumni.

Note: This content is intended for UEA students and graduates. To share this with a wider audience please seek permission from the UEA Careers Team

Phone & Iphone next to one another

Emily Martyn

A day in the life of a Languages Manager at uTalk

Close up of someone writing

Emma-Jane Stogdon

Show, Don’t Tell: Why I Love My Portfolio Career Journey

Sign and two pathways

Freddie Carty

“The title was largely irrelevant, it’s what I made of that job which ultimately helped me get to where I am now”: My professional journey as a Marketing Officer

Close up of someone writing and laptop

Jessica Barrett

My journey from a foundation year to being a Content Assistant

Laptops and Tablets

Megan Potts

A step-by-step guide to working in Marketing

Close up shot of a Globe

Ross Ranger

Forming my own translation and language company

Different monitors

Tara Gulwell

How my literature degree helps me manage websites