Our postgraduates go on to enjoy success all over the world Our postgraduates go on to enjoy success all over the world

Evie Browne | MA International Social Development, 2011

'I am about to start an internship at ODI [...] solely on the strength of my training in social development. I'll be with the Social Development team for at least 6 weeks, and hopefully it might lead to a job or contract work. I'm absolutely delighted, obviously, as it's a real privilege to get inside ODI. I was really pleased to see that someone wanted to 'hire' me specifically because of my social development knowledge.'


Kirsty Moll | MA Education and Development, 2011

'I'm so glad that I chose the MAED course. After I handed in my dissertation I got a call from Cambridge Health and Education International to offer me a job! They invited me to apply for a position of Project Officer and suggested that it may help me to get more experience. It's a temporary role for 5 months, however, at the interview they asked me if I'd still be interested in being an Education Adviser.'


John Murphy | MSc Environment and International Development, 2009

'I am very happy to say that after a year I have been offered a new position within the local authority, the London Borough of Barnet, working within the Overview and Scrutiny Office. Since completing the MSc in Environment and International Development I[...] have been continuing study on a part time basis at Warwick Business School on a postgraduate course on local government management. Long term I am hoping to explore the possibility of undertaking a PhD in the area of governance perhaps focusing on the role and influence of stakeholders, particularly NGOs and other non-government actors such as think tanks.'


Sandra Milena Rodríguez Rojas | MA Media and International Development, 2011

As a social psychologist working with vulnerable communities, I always used different media for work. Therefore, I decided to pursue a postgraduate course in Media and International Development. I have learnt about the relevant role of media in society and the relationship between media and development and also the several roles that media plays in societies and in different context, especially to promote democracy.

During my studies I was involved with the Future Radio Project, which gave me the chance to be part of a real-life experience of the role that professionals in the field of Media and International Development, could play in the context of a Community Radio Station.

I feel very well prepared in the field of studies I have chosen, in order to compete with other professionals. I feel confident about the knowledge shared and gained. The School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia, is approached by students from all over the world, this multicultural component makes the masters course a very rich experience.


Camille Morel | MA Development Studies, 2011

I decided to pursue a postgraduate course because I think it opens up more job opportunities and allows us to access much more interesting positions. I also wanted to acquire a specialised knowledge before entering the labour market in order to be more efficient and capable. 

My background is not in International Development so this course allowed me to learn fundamental aspects of this field of studies as well as to experience a new way of learning and enhancing our knowledge. 

This post-graduate course provides me with the necessary skills required to work in the field of international development. We can work in NGOs, governments, public institutions, development agencies, etc. The opportunities are diverse: research, policy-making, project management, humanitarian missions, etc. 

This year has been extremely inspirational for me. It is intense and requires a lot of work but it is undeniably worth it.


Rosie Smith | MA Media and International Development, 2011

I chose to study the MA in International Development because it is unique in the UK – offering postgraduate study of international development with a media-specific focus, at the heart of a vibrant and progressive research community. 

The course is modular, so each student will tailor it differently. I have taken modules relating to media, gender, contemporary world development, research skills for social analysis. My research has focussed specifically on the ways in which development organisations communicate development messages to western.

It's a great course for those interested in media and international development. It's taught with energy and enthusiasm. It brings together like-minded people and for me it had allowed me the time and the space to focus my ideas and experience.


Fariha Tahanin | MA Development Studies, 2011

After the completion of my BSc. in Psychology, I left to visit Bangladesh, whereupon, I held an internship with Grameen Bank (GB), a microfinance institution. The period I was associated with GB, I came to realize that I needed to pursue a further degree in order to be able to work and incorporate myself in the sectors where my newfound interests were - the development sector. As Bangladesh was a tremendously fertile ground for such activities, with booming microfinance institutions and NGOs who sought to ‘develop' the underdeveloped country, I became aware that if I were to make any contribution, I would have to distinguish myself with a higher degree as well as knowledge in the relevant field- i.e. the Development field. 

The University of East Anglia was recommended to me by a family member who was a lecturer in another university, but knew of the great reputation of the School of Development Studies. Also, UEA ranked high among the institutions who offered Development. 

The core modules are exceptionally integrated and complement each other towards the development of a holistic understanding of the concept of development. The lecturers are fully experienced and knowledgeable in their domains and offer a panoramic view, rather than an insular vision of development. 

The content was purely enriching. The lecturers were kind, approachable, and very sincere. I had taken a lot from the content as well as the lecturers themselves. 


Megumi Ueda | MA Gender Analysis in International Development, 2002

'After completing my MA, I studied French in France for 2 years, then became a JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) volunteer in Bolivia and worked for 2 years in the field of social development. I also worked as an associate expert in JICA and worked for the Gender Equality Division. Until last year, I was working in Gulu, Northern Uganda, in charge of setting-up and managing the JICA Gulu Office which was newly opened in 2009. Based on my experience, I am now pursuing career opportunities in UN agencies, such as UNDP, FAO or WFP where I can be engaged in projects on  community development and people's empowerment with gender perspectives.'