courses validated for world-leading specialist school courses validated for world-leading specialist school

Two of the UK’s most prestigious higher education institutions joined forces with UEA to validate six cancer care post-registration programmes for The Royal Marsden School.

The challenge

The Royal Marsden School is one of the world’s leading schools for specialist cancer education but it does not have degree-awarding powers. Instead, it has to engage academic partners to validate its courses. With its academic partner contract up for renewal, The Royal Marsden School was looking for a higher education institution that would provide academic expertise and specialist support so that the School could continue to develop leading cancer care programmes at competitive prices.

The partnership

“When we gave students the choice to stay with the previous provider or move to UEA for validation, they all chose UEA. The university has a good reputation, and a positive, solution focused approach.”
Dr Catherine Wilson, Head of School, Royal Marsden School

The School of Health Sciences Partnerships Team are proud of creating successful entrepreneurial partnerships. With The Royal Marsden School, the team focused on facilitating the development of programmes and providing guidance without being directional. The Royal Marsden School received the academic support and expertise needed to excel, at great value for money.

The work

Drawing on their expertise in curriculum design and development, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate provision across a wide range of healthcare provisions, UEA supports the development of The Royal Marsden School’s unique cancer care programmes by, for example, reviewing resources and programmes, assisting in the planning and critical analysis of academic pathways, critically reading all documents and marking training for staff and assessment workshops. The School of Health Sciences also supports The Royal Marsden School with joint school and exam boards and provides educational expertise whenever it is needed, in person or via phone or email.

The results

In September 2015, UEA validated a suite of six post-registration programmes relating to cancer care and palliative care at Degree and Masters Level to be delivered at The Royal Marsden School. Modules for the courses had been developed with an international market in mind, to build the worldwide reputation of both institutions.

Julia Hubbard, Director of Innovation, School of Health Sciences at UEA, says:

‘The best thing about this project is the partnership between UEA and The Royal Marsden School. We have developed a successful, mutually beneficial relationship as critical friends providing new eyes on each other’s work.’

The teams at The Royal Marsden School and UEA are keen to build on the relationship further, by developing more courses and finding more ways to work together, such as by teaching at UEA and carrying out joint research projects.