Child Malnutrition


    The Child Malnutrition Sub-Project of our Global Research Translation Award (GRTA) Project is working with partners in four countries (Brazil, Jordan, Malaysia and Thailand) to develop micronutrient supplements for children.


    Research Outputs


    Malnutrition contributes directly to more than one third of all child deaths globally (World Health Organisation), yet is rarely listed as the direct cause of death. This number is increasing as climate change exacerbates warfare and natural disasters. Currently, there is a gap in the supplement market for dosage forms that are tailored for children. 

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    The project partners are working with regulatory bodies and manufacturers in each region and using locally sourced materials. The objective is to build the research and development capabilities in each location to enable future development of similar products independently. The project is also utilising creative writing and film-making to engage with users of the supplements (children, youth and parents), the general public and the local government on the importance of balanced nutritional diet for child growth and development. 


    Project Partners

    • Alberto Berardi, Applied Science Private University, Jordan 

    • Lorina Bisharat, University of Jordan, Jordan 

    • Pratchaya Tipduangta, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 

    • Chan Siok Yee, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia 

    • Humberto Gomes Ferraz, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 

    • Sheng Qi, School of Pharmacy, UEA, UK