World Art Research Seminars (WARS) World Art Research Seminars (WARS)

World Art Research Seminar - WARS

The World Art Research Seminar takes place on Wednesdays from 5:00 - 7:00 pm in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts Lecture Theatre (01.10).

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World Art Research Seminar Series - Spring 2018

17 January 2018
Dr. Dan Rycroft (Art History and World Art Studies, UEA)
Indian Anthropology: What Does it Mean Now?

24 January 2018
Dr. Cadence Kinsey (History of Art, University of York)
Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Ed Krčma
Fortuna: Drawing, Contingency and Constraint in a Digital Age

01 February 2018 (NB Thursday)
Dr. Sarah Guérin (History of Art, University of Pennsylvania)
From Seville to Paris: Ivory Carving in Gothic Europe

7 February 2018
Dr. Ben Thomas (History of Art and Media, University of Kent)
Curating Raphael's Drawings: Invention and Eloquence

14 February 2018
Dr. Philip Riris (Archaeology, UCL, and SRU Fellow, UEA)
Rock Art and Sacred Landscapes of the Atures Rapids (Middle Orinoco, Venezuela)

28 February 2018
Prof. Kojiro Hirose (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka)
Hands of Goze: The Tactile Culture of Visually-impaired People in Modern Japan

7 March 2018 - Seminar will be rescheduled!
Prof. Caroline van Eck (History of Art, Cambridge)
Piranesi's Colossal Candelabra: Trophies, Totems and other Ritual Objects

14 March 2018 - Seminar will be rescheduled!
Prof. Matthew Treherne (Italian Literature, University of Leeds)
Seeing and Unseeing: Visual Art and Contemplation in Dante’s Commedia

18 April 2018
Dr. Annie Grant (Hon. Research Fellow, Art History and World Art Studies)
Detecting the Undetectable? Investigating Transhumance: from Heidi to Prehistoric Stele

25 April 2018
Dr. Sussan Babaie (Courtauld Institute)
For the Love of Joseph: Taste, Blood and Beauty

2 May 2018
Dr. Sarah Lowndes (Research Associate, Norwich University of the Arts)
We are Born as Nouns Not Verbs: Agnes Martin and the New Mexico Desert (1968-2004)


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