Business and Management

  • Accounting, auditing, perfomance management, integrated and sustainability reporting
  • Business regulation
  • Employee systems and institutions, and wellbeing
  • Entrepreneurship and strategy
  • Finance, corporate governance, and banking and investment
  • Human resource management, and organisational psychology and behaviour
  • Marketing, consumer behaviour and international business
  • Operations, supply chain management, and innovation
  • Technology management, information systems, and social media

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  • Big data methods
  • Collective decision making and group formation
  • Competition in digital markets
  • Development and environmental economics
  • Dynamic macroeconomics
  • Economics of networks
  • Empirical evaluation of competition/ competition policy
  • Experimetrics
  • Financial economics and econometrics
  • Heuristics and biases in decision making
  • Industrial organisation
  • Origins and consequences of conflict
  • Strategic reasoning and identity in groups and teams

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Education and Lifelong Learning

  • International education and social change: adult literacy, development, HE, globalisation and policy
  • Lifelong learning cultures: youth and identities, digital cultures, public pedagogies, multimodality in poetics
  • Pedagogy, curriculum and professional learning: mathematics, history, English, sport and PE

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International Development

  • Agriculture, nutrition and health
  • Behavioural and experimental economics
  • Climate change, adaptation and disaster risk managment
  • Development aid and practice
  • Education, childhood and youth
  • Environmental justice/indigenous rights
  • Gender and inequality
  • Impact evaluation
  • Media and humanitarian communication
  • Migration
  • The state, governance and conflict
  • Water security

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  • Company and commercial law including dispute resolution/arbitration, insurance and carriage of goods
  • Competition law
  • Criminal law (including international criminal law), policing and criminal justice
  • EU law and Brexit/secession and devolution
  • Gender inequality and caring responsibilities
  • International law including international economic law and sustainable development, and environmental law
  • Law and economics
  • Media, IP, IT and data protection law
  • Medical law
  • Private law: contract, tort, property law and land use
  • Public law, human rights and public protest
  • Refugee law and displacement

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  • Clinical psychology – see separate entry
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Developmental science
  • Social psychology

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Social Work

  • Child protection
  • Children and families in adoption
  • Children in care
  • Social work decision making
  • Social work with people with mental health problems
  • Support for vulnerable families
  • Young people and crime

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