Themes in the Arts and Humanities Themes in the Arts and Humanities

American Studies

  • Environment, space and place
  • Histories of power and protest
  • Popular and avant-garde cultures
  • Transatlantic and transpacific studies

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  • Material histories
  • Museums, exhibitions and heritage
  • Techniques of making
  • World art

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  • The British Empire and its legacies
  • Global history
  • The history of East Anglia
  • Landscape history, geographical information systems
  • The making of modern Britain
  • Medieval England and the continent
  • Nationalism in 20th century Europe
  • Russian and East European history
  • Society, politics and culture: early modern Britain/Europe

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Language and Communications Studies

  • (Critical) discourse analysis
  • Cross-cultural cognitive linguistics
  • Intercultural communications and cross-cultural pragmatics
  • Translating and interpreting

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Literature, Drama and Creative Writing

  • Creative writing
  • Medieval and early modern writing
  • Modern and contemporary literature, including poetry
  • Life writing and creative non-fiction
  • Literary translation and translation theory

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  • British film and television
  • Feminist media studies
  • Genre studies
  • Media and cultural consumption

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  • Application and interpretations of Wittgenstein
  • Environmental philosophy
  • Metaphilosophy
  • Philosophy and social science
  • Political philosophy
  • Philosophy of language

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  • Critical global politics and international relations
  • Cultural politics, communications and media
  • Politics, public policy and political theory

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