Additional 5 UK credit option Additional 5 UK credit option

Our Additional Credit module enables students to gain a further 5 transferable credits to their home institution. Choose our additional credit option, attend the assignment briefing, complete and submit the supplementary academic assignment by the deadline specified, and gain an addition 5 UK Undergraduate credits.

Additional Credit criteria:

  • Students will select this option as a supplement to a 20 credit International Summer School module. 
  • Students cannot only complete the additional credit module. 
  • Students must attend an assignment briefing on Monday 27 June in week one. 
  • Students should attend at least one tutorial before the final deadline. 
  • Students must submit the supplementary assignment by 3pm on Thursday 21 July in week four. 
  • Students must pass their main International Summer School academic module to gain the additional module credit (pass mark is 40%). 
  • Students will not gain credit for the additional module if they fail their 20 credit module. 
  • Students will gain aggregate score (Additional Credit carries pass/fail mark only).

A supplementary fee applies. See our fees page.

Students should check with their home institution about the transfer of additional credit. In the meantime, please let us know if you would like the Additional Credit option when you Register Your Interest using the button below.

Our Additional Credit module is accredited by Norwich Business School and approved by the University’s Academic Director for Taught Programmes.

Please read the module outline and direct any questions to us by email.

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